Monday, 12 December 2011

Russian Dolls Mania

Feeling like baking cookies yesterday, I popped into our local Lakeland, looking for a good gingerbread man cookie cutter (I already have one, but thought I might like another one of a different size). To my amusement and delight, there was a display of Russian Doll range of kitchen goodies: an apron, cookie cutters, oven gloves etc
A friend of ours collects Russian dolls, and I thought a birchwood spoon with a tiny Russian doll would make a lovely stocking filler for her. Cookie cutters looked very cute and cheerful, and I knew we would have fun with Eddie, making cookies with them.

For the white chocolate cookies you will need
120 g butter
120 g sugar
60 g golden syrup
100 g white chocolate, grated
250 g self-raising flour
1 medium egg
vanilla essence

Place all the ingredients in a big bowl. Use your hands to knead the dough, it is a rather messy and sticky business, but very satisfactory (unless you have to open the door in the middle of the process, lol). In the meantime, preheat the oven to 180C. Roll the dough, cut the cookies using your cutters, spread the cookies on the tray, leaving quite a good space in between, as they grow in size.
The amount of dough above is enough for two trays of cookies. You might want to use just a half, and freeze the other half. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes until golden. They will still be soft, so let them cool down completely before decorating them. I used Dr Oetker writing icing.

English Mum is running a Big Christmas BakeOff competition. I offer my Russian Dolls to her judgement.


  1. I haven't been to Lakeland for months. Funny that, it was one of the stores i would always visit.

    The Russian Doll phenemenon is taking over recently. I've had my eyes on the measuring cups. I love your cookies, gosh you are so patient hand decorating your dolls. Good luck with the competition. I'm waving the banner for you x

  2. Thank you, Shaheen! They had a very cute apron and oven gloves too. But I have too many aprons and gloves, could soon start my own shop. :)

  3. They're so sweet. If only I had such a steady hand. Although I could perhaps ice decorate a modified version

    Lesley Bambridge

  4. Wow, they are lovely! I love anything to do with russian dolls!

  5. These look lovely. I am lucky enough to have the set of Russian Doll cutters that a lovely Secret Santa sent me (you are so kind Galina) so I shall have to try this recipe out soon.

    Lynn Wild

  6. They look really good & prettier than Gingerbread men! Hopefully Lakeland will have some left as I'd love to get some. Thanks for the recipe too.

  7. hehe these are super cute!

  8. What clever idea - my step mum is russian and would truely appreciate this yummy idea - thanks!! x (

  9. They look lovely, I live Russian dolls

  10. Awww these are adorable! I love Russian dolls :-) I'm so impressed at the detail you got on there! I can barely write 'Happy Birthday' with writing icing lol!