Friday, 9 December 2011

Two spies who came in from the cold

Brrrr, it is bracing today, a perfect time for a winter hat. Eddie and I visited our local Next today to try nda find a new winter hat for me. I didn't find a faux fur Cossack hat that I have seen online, but tried on several warm fluffy things.  Eddie is modelling a faux fur Trapper hat (above). He wasn't amused.

I tried it on and laughed at myself, as I looked like an old Siberian hunter. I was only missing high felt boots and a gun. Not exactly for me (but it does look gorgeous on a young model on the Next website, sigh). Let's move on the next hat.

The teddy bear hat or a Character Trapper hat (as it is officially named) looked very cute on Eddie. As for me, I thought that Pippi Longstocking would probably look like that once she hit her 40s.

"Mummy, that's for girls", says Eddie.

Another trapper hat was very warm and cosy and I nearly bought, but I set my heart on the Cossack hat, which I will buy online. In the end we left the store with a new jumper for Eddie, which is absolutely gorgeous. All this shopping business is so exhausting for men. Poor little man fell asleep in his pushchair, hugging his teddy.

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