Friday, 2 December 2011

Nature's Plus Animal Parade Vitamins

When your child is a very fussy eater, as a parent you are always anxious if he is getting enough vitamins. We had talks with the dietitians and nutritionists about Sasha and his diet, and though the consensus was that I am doing my best, it was suggested that we might look into introducing multi-vitamins to his diet. And so our search for the suitable vitamins and supplements started. We tried several major brands, some were tried, some never passed the introduction stage when Sasha refused categorically to chew them.
He liked the Twisty Fish omega oil capsules from haliborange, they were fun, fish-shaped and tasted of orange. Sadly, the Haliborange decided to discontinue this product, and for some reason known only to my son, he refused to take the similar product that came in a bottle (tasted pretty much the same, but looked different).
Eventually we found a product that Sasha agreed to eat every morning. It was Haliborange Kids Multivitamin Fruit Softies. The vitamins are strawberry-shaped and remind of the Pick'n'Mix gummy strawberries.

Recently we were offered to test vitamins for kids - Nature's Plus Animal Parade. These are chewable multi-vitamins and mineral supplements with D3 and whole food concentrates.
Each chewable tablet supplies 16 vitamins and 8 minerals. There are 90 animals in total in a bottle, they are vegetarian, gluten free and hypo-allergenic.

I opened the bottle under Sasha's supervision. We spread several little vitamins on the table and picked one of the animals. Sasha took it carefully, fingered it, sniffed at it (he does it with all new foods), licked it, put it back on the table. I waited a bit. He picked it up again and decided that he liked the taste after all. I also tried a couple for the research purposes. The vitamins are crunchy and have a concentrated orange taste. They remind me of the hard candy hearts in texture.

Every morning we pick a different animal to eat. I know that the serving size is two animal-shaped tablets, but as Sasha is used to have just one vitamin in the morning, we continue with this tradition.
The list of ingredients makes an interesting reading: among the organic nutrient sources blends you will find rose hips, wood ear mushroom, oyster mushroom, shiitake, amla berry, guava, holy basil, broccoli, spinach, mango, carrot etc I love the idea that there are so many super foods packed in the mini animals.

My only suggestion to Nature's Plus: we would prefer one vitamin per day. Is it possible to pack a double doze in one animal-shaped vitamin?

These multi-vitamins are available from The Nutri Centre.

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