Saturday, 30 June 2018

Photo diary: week 26, project 365

It's hard to believe, but half a year has whooshed by already. We're on week 26 of Project 365.
The heatwave continues all this week, and even Eddie's school ceded to reason and allowed them not to wear ties in this heat. 
Last Sunday I baked a curd cheese cake with vanilla chips.

Monday went in a blur. I've not been sleeping well again, and living in a twilight zone, when the brain is half-functioning. I did manage to write a short book review for Coffin Road by Peter May.

The garden is parched, we do need a bit of rain.
The phlox I bought around Easter time, has opened its first buds.

summer flowers

Lavender is doing very well in a big pot in the garden, and the bees love it.

summer scents

Tayberries are starting to ripen, but now it's a battle with the birds who are ruthless predators and eat all my berries. Sob.

hybrid berries

In the last couple of days the sky is clear blue in the morning, with not a cloud in sight. Only the trails left by the planes.

Eddie begged me to go back to The Shake Shop. He was happy with his strawberry milkshake, and we listened to a couple of songs on the jukebox.


  1. That cake looks so good...
    I hope you manage to get some proper sleep soon. This heat can't be helping.
    It looks like your garden is doing really well. x

    1. Thank you, Kim! The garden is doing well, but the weeds are taking over, and it's too hot to work in the garden this week.

  2. That cake looks delicious. Must be a nightmare not sleeping well.

    1. Thank you, Emma! The cake was tasty. The heat doesn't help with the sleeping problems.

  3. does mot matter how exhausted I am I still struggle to sleep for much more than 4 hrs so I sympathise.
    Love the close up photo of the berries.
    We use to have a very large lavender plant and it was fascinating to sit amongst and watch the bees.

  4. I love how you've captured the trail of the plane, just clipping the building

  5. Loving your cool dude of a son and the blue skies we've been having #365

  6. I enjoy Peter May books so I'll head over and check out your review! How did the temperature in Turkey compare to here in the UK? I think it doesn't feel quite as hot because it is drier not muggy #project365

  7. The lavender in my garden is the plant that looks the best in this weather. Good news about the ties - it's too hot.