Friday, 8 June 2018

Apples stewed in apple cider

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Last year we had such a big crop of apples, we are still eating them. Only last week I ate the last fresh apple from last autumn. I have kept them in baskets, filled with straw, and they were perfectly good, albeit slightly shrivelled and waxy. And I still have lots in the freezer - peeled, sliced in big chunks and pre-blanched in a lightly sweetened syrup.
This way they keep well, and when defrosted, do not lose their taste.

I enjoy stewed apples with a bit of cider added to syrup. Apple cider is a great ingredient in many dishes. For example, chicken cooked in apple cider and cream is simply melt-in-the-mouth. Cider makes a fab base for a grown-up jelly too.

I don't have exact measurements for the recipe, but I had a medium bag of frozen sliced apples, maybe 6 or 7, and used about half a bottle of 330ml bottle of apple cider.
I used the Good Cider of San Sebastian, which was one of the products in the latest Degustabox May box.

healthy dessert

You will need
6-7 sliced frozen apples (or fresh, peeled and sliced)
3-4tbsp caster sugar
1/2 bottle of apple cider (330ml ---> about 165ml)
a sprinkle of vanilla
to serve with
Greek style yogurt
nutty granola (optional)

First cook the apples in cider with sugar and vanilla. If they are pre-blanched, you will need less time. If cooking from fresh, peel the apples, slice them into big chunks and cook until soft but still keeping the shape.
Let the apples cool completely before assembling an easy dessert (or breakfast).

Spoon the apples into a glass bowl, add the Greek yogurt and sprinkle a bit of nutty granola for some crunch.
healthy fruity breakfast

The apples will keep well in a container with a lid in the fridge for a couple of days.

healthy dessert

For a vegan version, use a coconut yogurt.

vegetarian breakfast


  1. How interesting.. does it taste sour? I guess not!

    1. Thank you, Fede! It wasn't sour at all, even if I didn't add much sugar. I guess it will also depend on the variety of apples.