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Sea bream with stir fried vegetables

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I've been trying to be good, and keeping up with some of my non-resolutions. So far, I took one bag of clothes and books to the charity shop. I did buy one book, but it was for Eddie (so that doesn't count, does it?!). We finished reading Astrid Lindgren's Karlson on the Roof trilogy - Eddie loved them - and decided to continue reading this author's books. I thought he might like adventures of Emil (Emil's Great Escape) which I loved so much as a child.
I also started browsing through some of the cook books with an aim of decluttering. I haven't yet found a single cook book, with which I am ready to part.

Browsing Healthy Speedy Suppers by Katriona MacGregor which I reviewed back in 2016, I came across a recipe for Sea Bass with Thai vegetables.
I did a list of ingredients on my mobile, and off we went grocery shopping. I couldn't find sesame seeds anywhere, and rather than buying sea bass, I got two sea bream fillets just because they were on offer.
I have adapted Katriona's recipe, but was definitely inspired by it. The variation of her recipe also appears online - see Sea bass with Thai vegetables (serving 2 rather than 4 people).

Sea bream with stir fried vegetables (serves 2)
2 sea bream fillets
4tbsp olive oil (1 for fish, 3 for the vegetable stir fry)
1/3 lemon
sea salt with seaweed

1 medium carrot, chopped finely
1/2 sweet pepper (red)
1 clove of garlic
1tsp chopped chilli
5 big leaves of Chinese cabbage
100g courgettes
fresh ginger (about 1 finger digit in length)
1tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp mirin
1tsp fish sauce (optional)
a squeeze of lemon juice

Cook the sea bream in foil in the oven. Place the fish fillets in the foil, which has been lightly oiled. Squeeze some lemon juice over fish, and season with sea salt with seaweed. Make a pocket of foil over the fish, so that it steams inside the oven. Cook for about 10-15 minutes at 180C.

steamed fish

In the meantime cook the vegetables. Heat the oil in a deep frying pan, add the chopped carrots and pepper. Finely chop a clove of garlic as well as chilli and stir into the veg. Finally add the Chinese cabbage and courgettes, and grate some fresh ginger.
Drizzle soy sauce, mirin, fish sauce and lemon juice over the vegetables. Cook stirring for about 10 minutes.

Serve fish with vegetables.

Adding fish sauce is optional. I have a bottle of fish sauce, and try to convince myself to use it more often, as it does indeed add a depth of flavour, But the smell, oh my goodness. It stinks to heaven.

Do you use fish sauce in cooking? I'd dearly love some tips on how to keep the stink to a minimum.

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  1. Love the look of this. I really should eat more fish and this looks like a great dish