Monday, 1 January 2018

Non-resolutions for 2018

It's the new year, and every possible newsletter and social media platform is full of lists of resolutions. I don't tend to do resolutions. But how about non-resolutions and just contemplations on what I would like to achieve?

- Going on a diet from the 1st of January? Totally unrealistic. We have so much chocolate and cakey stuff left from Christmas. Surely letting it go stale is a crime. We celebrated new year's eve yesterday night, and the fridge is full of leftover ham, turkey, veggies and cheese. Oh, that cheese is so good. I bought a big Wookey Hole cave aged Cheddar, and it is gloriously mellow. After all, not eating this moreish cheese would be an insult to the generations of cheese makers who worked hard on that cheese, perfecting it for centuries. So, basically a diet is out of question so far.

- Declutter. I really need to declutter, and be quite merciless - if I haven't worn that dress since before my last pregnancy, just recycle it.
Toys are taking over this house. And while I can't force myself to get rid of LEGO, there are other toys that could be parted with easily. But not the soft dogs little Sasha loved so much when he was a toddler, and not a funny stuffed monkey my brother gave to me when I left Russia to do an MA in Canterbury...

- Books. Yes, I do need a pep talk with myself. Books multiply in this house in a geometric progression. There is no more space on the book shelves in any room, they are just piled everywhere. In boxes, on the window sills, simply on the floor... And while the situation is not as dramatic as at my in-laws' house (which can rival any good book shop), our house is smaller and books need a serious cull, sorry, but they do.

Moleskine notebook

- Cook books... It is an enormous task, but ideally I need to look through my cook books and try to bookmark some of the recipes, and actually use them, If the book just takes space, perhaps it is more sensible to take it to the charity shop and let someone else enjoy it. There are some cook books which I bought when we still lived in the States (14 years ago) and which I haven't opened for many years. The verdict: I don't need them, do I?!

- My biggest challenge for January will be not to buy any more paperbacks. I'm aiming to read a book a week, and taking it to the charity shop.
- And not even peeking at the book sales online. What did I do this morning? I was browsing the new year's sales at The Folio Society. I didn't buy anything, but was very tempted.

- I also need to cut down on Mumsnet bedtime reading, and go back to reading more books on my Kindle. It is a bit like a black hole, it sucks you in, and you don't even notice how an hour is wasted on AIBU etc.

- I do need to cut down on caffeine and chocolate. Is it realistic? Every year I start with good intentions, but don't last very long. I am drinking lots of herbal and green teas, but recently succumbed to having strong black tea in the late afternoon or even evening to perk myself up, which in turn makes it more difficult to fall asleep.

- Sometimes I think it is such a shame I don't do art or crafts any longer. I don't have much free time or energy for anything serious, but perhaps some creative scribbles in a Moleskine would do? My husband gave me a lovely Moleskine notebook for Christmas, so I am hoping to make use of it.

- We are a family of omnivores, but recently my husband is asking for meat-free meals more and more often. And while he is still a long way away from being a vegetarian, I plan to be more creative with meat-free meals. This is definitely a do-able plan.

- Blogging-wise, I'd love to be more consistent. There are days when I don't post anything, and I hardly ever schedule posts in advance. I have no plans to work on increasing my traffic or making the blog a business which pays. Every time I see a blog post on how they intend to increase the amount of followers on Pinterest or Twitter or any other platform by a certain amount each month, I think: good luck buy what is the purpose of this stats race? life is too short to obsess about numbers.

What other little changes could I introduce this year?

New year's resolutions or non-resolutions: are you aiming for the stars or taking minimal steps?


  1. I couldn't help but chuckle reading this because it could have been written for me ! Especially the books, cookery books and decluttering :)

    1. I'm very sloooowly de-cluterring clothes, as I wash them and iron so they look presentable. Prepared a couple of big bags for the charity shops.

  2. LOL that sounds exactly like me! Books and cook books are taking over my home. I have loads of toys from when my son was small as well! Creative scriibling in a moleskin sounds great, add photos as well and make a journal

    1. Thank you, Alison! I've already broken my non-resolution and bought a paperback today in the charity shop. I lasted just over a week. :)

  3. I don't think I've set any specific goals or resultions for this year. Yes I want my blog to grow (while doing less), and I need to lose weight - being ill and needing to feed a cold hasn't helped that). But other than that, nothing in particular.

    1. Hope your cold has abated, Emma. Losing weight would be a goal for me too, but I don't take any resolutions on that front.