Monday, 16 October 2017

Vytronix VTBC01 Compact Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

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When you live in an old house, you never know when the next big job of repairs will come. In the last year we had to deal with a collapsed stone wall in the garden, a broken stone window ledge, floors and a collapsed ceiling in the hall among other things. The ceiling partially collapsed one evening, when we were just getting ready for bed. Then the great crash and "boomphh" went deep in the night, and the remains of the old plaster were down. The dust spread everywhere, even as high as the attic. Thankfully, noone was harmed.

We picked the big pieces by hand and tried to brush away most of the plaster powder, but the dust had to be hoovered from the carpets, walls, furniture etc.
Needless to say, our hoover has never been the same since. It was hardly working any longer, and I started looking online for a new one. I knew what I wanted - a bagless vacuum cleaner which won't be too heavy to carry around and up the stairs.
By a fortunate coincidence I was offered to choose a vacuum cleaner for reviewing.

Recently Vytronix has launched two new products in their trend-setting vacuum cleaner range.
We've been testing a Vytronix VTBC01 1400w Compact Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum for the last three weeks, and here is what we thought about it.

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Product specifications:
- high power 1400w motor
- compact, lightweight, easy to use and store
- weighs only 4.3kg
- 4 stage HEPA filter
- compact bagless design
- large 2L capacity
- 1.5m flexible hose + 80cm telescopic extension tube
- dimensions: (L) 33cm x (W) 25cm x (H) 29cm

It comes with a dusting brush, upholstery tool and 2 in 1 crevice tool.

value vacuum cleaner

Nick Battams, the ecommerce Manager of Direct Vacuums says: "We've seen Vytronix quickly rise to the top on our website, with their two vacuum cleaners consistently outselling other products. The bagless model has been our best-selling item for the past few months".
The two Vytronix items move to the very top in the Best Carpet Cleaner Guide's top 10 cylinder vacuums in the UK.
Vytronix vacuum cleaners can be found on Amazon or online at Direct Vacuums.

With a price tag under £40 it is a very good value for money.

The cylinder vacuum features a HEPA filter, making it perfect for households with pets and for allergy-sufferers.

Ir is sleek and light (weighing less than 4.5kg), with a 2 litre capacity, easily-transportable around the house. I like that it is compact and doesn't take much space, it is easy to empty and reassemble.
This compact vacuum cleaner works well on both carpeted floors and hard surfaces.
It is lightweight enough for an easier cleaning of the stairs. I've seen some online reviews which say that Vytronix is not very good for stairs, they clearly have not worked with my old vacuum cleaner. In comparison cleaning the stairs is a doddle.
Our previous vacuum cleaner was much heavier and bulkier, and always a pain to use on the stairs. Vytronix is just right for this job.

It comes with several adds-on to use on different surfaces.

I can easily reach all the surfaces high up - the ceiling, old wooden beams, carved posters and lamps.

- lightweight and compact
- HEPA filter
- ease of assembly
- good value for money
- dust container is not very big (due to the compact size of the vacuum cleaner itself) and needs emptying regularly
- the cord does not retract smoothly when you press on the side button

Disclosure: We received the vacuum cleaner for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are our own.


  1. This looks a great hoover for the price. It certainly looks lightweight and easy to take upstairs

  2. I can imagine how horrendous it was getting rid of the plaster dust - how lucky nobody was underneath when it fell. Love the look of the vacuum cleaner - very snazzy !