Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Brand new Kazoops adventures are back! Just imagine...

If you have a pre-schooler or a primary age child in your family, I bet you have heard of Kazoops! animation show from CBeebies. It's a fun entertaining programme about a 6-year-old boy called Monty Kazoop and his best friend Jimmy Jones who just happens to be a pig (as in oink-oink, not because he has no manners). They have imaginative adventures together and travel to different times and places. Each episode comes with a unique song.
The styles and genres of music in the show vary from episode to episode.

Monty and Jimmy Jones look at the world with fresh eyes, they challenge the grown-ups' preconceptions about the earth and all things around them. Their imaginary adventures help them explore the concepts and ideas, for example, discovering the different ways the music makes you feel or finding out why everyone cannot be happy all the time and why fun things have to come to an end - all those questions that your children have probably asked you, expecting you to know the answers.

And now the cheeky duo are back with brand new episodes, which you can watch on weekdays at 3.45pm on CBeebies.

Today's episode no.63 is called "Fun with clouds":
Monty's family are all frustrated by the grey clouds ruining their plans, and wish they'd go away, but Monty and Jimmy Jones set out to show them that the sky wouldn't be nearly as interesting without clouds.

This episode could be a start of an interesting discussion on what clouds are, looking at the shapes of different clouds and their characteristics. Try to spot clouds which are coming in forms of rolls, ripples or patches.
And of course, use your imagination. Eddie and I love looking at the clouds and spotting all kinds of fantastic creatures. For example, this cloud reminded us of a dinosaur.

I love it when children's animation combines fun with educational elements.

Will you be tuning in at 3.45pm?

If you've ever missed an episode, you can catch up now on BBC iPlayer.

You can also find out about Kazoops on different social channels - like Kazoops on Facebook, Instagram - @kazoops_official and Twitter @_Kazoops

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