Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Monster Brew from Adagio Teas

Halloween tea, autumn tea

The rain is knocking at the windows,
The shadows dance across the garden.
I'm blissfully content with my cup of tea.

There's no denying that autumn is a great source of inspiration for many creative souls: artists, poets and tea experts. I love autumnal flavours of tea: fruity, spicy, flavourful and zingy.
All tea and coffee lovers rejoice, when autumn comes, as there are so many vibrant seasonal flavours appearing in the shops. And while I'm not euphoric at the arrival of Pumpkin spice latte at the famous chain (it's so sweet, it sets my teeth on edge), I do love seasonal teas from my favourite brands.
And if they come in a cute tin, then it's even better.

Monster Brew from Adagio Teas would appeal to those who love all things Hallowe'en-related.
Adagio Teas' blurb on the tin says: "A flavourful tea to help you battle demons and monsters, including the few that like to hide under the bed".

Adagio Teas, Halloween tea

Its ingredients include: honeybush, green rooibos, raspberry leaves, orange peels, cocoa nibs, chocolate chips, coconut, apricots, cherries, cherry and orange flavours and strawberries.
You need to leave the tea to steep for 5 minutes.

Halloween tea, Halloween

It is quite a mild tea, all the flavours are well-balanced, and none of them screams Me-me-me! It is a fruity brew which is caffeine free, and thus perfect for a second half of the day, even before bedtime.
Some of the teas with chocolate flavours that I have tried in the past had an overwhelming chocolate taste. Not Monster Brew, thankfully. As much as I love chocolate, in tea I prefer only a subtle hint of it.

Adagio Teas, Halloween tea

The tin - what can I say?! It's uber-cute. I collect tins, and this is one is a definite keeper. Eddie's already got his eye on it, he says it's a good box for some of his minifigures.

Even if you can't be bothered with Hallowe'en and all the dark paraphernalia, treat yourself to a fruity brew and celebrate autumn.

Halloween tea

Disclosure: I received this tin for the purposes of tasting and reviewing. All opinions are my own.

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