Monday, 4 September 2017

Pu Erh Hazelberry from Adagio Teas

Pu Erh tea is renowned for its health benefits and distinct off-putting smell. The range of olfactory descriptions varies from fishy to smelly socks to armpits' whiff. This strong smell is a result of the fermentation process.
I remember trying a pure unflavoured Pu Erh tea for the first time and thinking, Just who would willingly want to drink that?! But with so many health benefits - it is a great aid to digestive system, it is high in antioxidants, has lots of vitamin C and E etc - could I overcome my olfactory aversion and continue drinking it?

Pu Erh tea benefits from an added flavour which would disguise its fishy smell.

Adagio Teas has several Pu Erh tea varieties in its range.

Pu Erh Hazelberry is a blend of Pu Erh tea, strawberries, cocoa nibs, creme and hazelnut flavours. There's still a bit of an earthy fermented undertone to it, but overall the fishiness is pretty much disguised. Yay! I can drink that.

Cream and strawberries add mellow creamy notes to it, and hazelnuts brings in sweetness.
It is an inspired combination.

The colour of the brew is dark amber, with shades of ruby.

It is quite sweet, thanks to strawberries, hazelnuts and creme. Drink it neat, or with a dash of milk.

Have you tried any of Adagio Teas? Which flavour is your favourite?

Disclosure: I received a selection of Adagio Teas for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are my own.


  1. Such beautiful colours! I love this post

    1. Thank you, Fede! The apples are from our garden, as the table is just under the apple trees.