Friday, 1 September 2017

Ben 10 toys range and our #Ben10Toys Twitter party

Have you taken part in #Ben10Toys Twitter party last Thursday?
The event was hosted by UKMumstv. There were lots of competitions with super prizes on offer. We had our own party to host and explore the latest range of Ben 10 toys from Flair.
If you have primary school children, you are most likely well acquainted with Ben 10 and know what an Omnitrix is.
He is the ultimate kid superhero.

Eddie was super excited about the party. He was thrilled with the contents of the big box which arrived before the party, for us to explore the new range and share with our friends.

The new Ben 10 range is available in most good toy stores now.

This is the imaginatively called Four Arms

There are 13 basic figures to collect - Ben & Grey Matter, Heatblast, Diamondhead, XLR8, Four Arms, Upgrade, Overflow, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Stinkfly, Hex, Steam Smythe and Dr Animo.

Four Arms
These collectable figures are made of plastic, have moving limbs and removable parts.
This range is suitable for children aged 4+, due to small parts.

Collect them all.

Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix was the biggest hit among our party.
It requires 2 AAA batteries, thankfully included. Just like the figures, it is not suitable for children under 3 years (small parts).

You need to press button to activate it. Turn the dial & press to select alien.
You can transform into one of 10 aliens. The screen magically lights up and reveals one of the aliens.
The Omnitrix fit easily on a child's wrist with two Velcro straps.
It has a wide range of alien voices and 100+ phrases.

There is also a basic version of Omnitrix with 40+ prhases.

And if the collectable figures and Omnitrix were not enough, there are two Transform-n-Battle masks and hand "extensions".  We got a Heatblast outfit to try on, but there is also a Diamondhead one.

Ben10 Transform-n-Battle Heatblast has a red plastic mask (it is a bit on the small side) and an extending fireball glove to launch fire blasts to make the bad guys feel the heat.
It is supposed to shoot out when you press an internal button, but we didn't manage to make it work. You can pull it out manually, but then it's not much fun.
It is most likely that we got a faulty toy set, but it's something to keep in mind.

During the party we had several different activities planned for children to take part. After the free play with some of the action figures, Omnitrix and role play item, we had a Treasure Hunt with Ben 10 Cards.

As the day happened to be wet and miserable, I had to re-think the plan for the hunt. My original plan was to put some of the cards in the garden and summerhouse.
Once hidden, the cards had to be found, following the clues.

After running up and down the stairs, looking for clues, our gang was ready to have a down time, with snacks and drinks.
We had striking Ben 10 biscuits for guests, and I also cooked a big tray of oat white chocolate cookies.

Who doesn't love a bit of colouring and find the differences games?!

We also had a dial cardboard game Which Ben 10 Monster are you?
Apparently I am Four Arms, which sounds just about right. I only wish I had four arms, that would make life much easier for multi-tasking Mums.

We had a great time, children enjoyed exploring the new toys.
Our guests left happy, with toys and sweets.

Disclosure: We received a selection of Ben 10 toys for the purposes of testing and reviewing, and for hosting a Twitter party. All opinions are our own.

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