Sunday, 6 August 2017

White chocolate Oreo fudge

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We are just back from a week-long holiday in Cornwall. Every day, walking to the beach we passed by a house which had a mini-counter with homemade jams and fudge on offer.
It had an honesty box with an amusing warning along the lines "Underpaying equals stealing" or something like that. Though we paid in full for our treats, I can see why someone might have been tempted to pay less. Each small jar of jam was priced at £3, and a pouch of fudge costs £2.
We've seen big boxes of fancy fudge in Penzance for the same amount.
I suppose, one can only commend them for the capitalist initiative.

One day we bought a small pouch of white chocolate Oreo fudge. My guys gobbled up all fudge in five minutes. The next few days it was rainy, and the mini-shop was not operating.
Eddie was distraught that we couldn't buy any more Oreo fudge, and I promised him that I'd make him some fudge when we come home.
Just how difficult could it be? I googled for the recipe, there are dozens of identical recipes online, so it's not quite clear who was the original author. But whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this easy recipe, you are a genius!

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All you need is a pack of Oreos (12), 5 bars of white chocolate and a tin of condensed milk (397g).
If you have a microwave, follow the recipe as, for example, found on AllRecipes.

I don't have a microwave, so I have melted 5 bars of white chocolate (a mixed bunch of Waitrose 1 white chocolate, Milky bars and cooking white chocolate) in a big bowl, which I put over a pan of simmering water. Once the chocolate melts, add a tin of condensed milk and mix well.

Place a piece of parchment paper inside a brownie tin and layer half of broken Oreos (not too small chunks).
I used a pack of double Oreos. I think strawberry or mint Oreos will look very pretty too.
Spoon in the chocolate mix, top up with more broken Oreos and slightly push them in.
Let the mix cool and set for at least 4 hours.

easy fudge recipes

My guys were all impatient to try it so I have cut a few pieces after 3 and a half hours, and the fudge was still soft in places. The remaining fudge stayed covered with film in the fridge overnight, and was perfectly set by morning.

It is so easy to make this fudge, yet it's so moreish. A lovely treat to go with tea or coffee.

Now that I have discovered this recipe, I imagine I will be making it again very soon.

You might like to experiment with different flavours of Oreos - double, blonde, mint, strawberry, original.
There is a variation of the recipe on CreateBakeMake blog, where the author adds less chocolate (4 bars rather than 5).
The Happier Homemaker makes very pretty fudge, by layering very big pieces of Oreos. She is obviously an Oreo lover, as in that post she adds several links to recipes made with Oreos (cupcakes, truffles etc).
I am still trying to dig out who was the original creator of the recipe to link up with them, so if you know, please give me a shout!

best fudge recipes


  1. It looks delicious. I haven't made fudge before, but I would love to try this recipe.

    1. Thank you, Anca! I think it is not a "proper" fudge, as I think with fudge you need to cook it on hot for 15 minutes or so, this one is just melt and mix.

  2. Oh Cornwall! It seems rather a long way away now. Your fudge looks very stylish and elegant and I'm all for something that's easy to make.

    1. Thank you, Choclette! You must be missing Cornwall. The fudge is our firm favorite now.