Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Farewell to summer 2017

rainbow over Perranuthnoe, Cornwall
Once upon a summer day,
Thunder rumbled and prolonged its stay,
But after the rain tumbled down,
This summer day wore a glorious rainbow crown.
Sara Teasdale, Once Upon a Summer Day

Living in town, we rarely see a full rainbow, as there are no big open spaces.
Last month, while returning from a beach to our cottage in Perranuthnoe, it started to drizzle. With the sunshine in patches amidst clouds, the most glorious rainbow appeared above the fields ending down in the sea.
Eddie was mesmerised and told me we should go and look for the gold at the end of the rainbow.
For me that rainbow was one of the most beautiful memories of the past summer.

Looking back at the photos of our summer, we managed to cram in a lot of different adventures and wonderful memories (as well as stress, anxieties and frustrations, but then, that's life).
The autumn is just round the corner, stretch your hand and you can touch it. Though the last couple of days were pretty hot, the nature is already putting its autumnal clothes on.

On the very first day of summer we visited Burford garden centre, where we go quite regularly during midterm breaks and holidays. It is about 20 minutes by car from us. Our friend Jen is our designated driver. Both of my sons enjoy visiting it. I write about it every year (see Visiting Burford Garden Centre). I love browsing through the old books section and of course, vintage china too.

We visited the Oxford castle (Boooring, according to Eddie) and climbed on the moat next to it to look over Oxford.

We had a fun meal at Prezzo, Oxford, testing the Family meals menu, and also testing my husband's patience, as he was rather embarrassed by our eating antics (I don't entirely blame him).

The first half of the summer the school term was still on. God, we are back to school again in a few days. Sob. I am so not looking forward to early mornings and hectic school run.
Eddie had a sports day, where he did quite well. Here he is, flying above the ground.

Sasha's school went to the Cotswolds Wildlife park, where he had a lovely time. He enjoyed looking at the animals, going on a train ride and just playing with the water in the fountain.

The carnival in Witney takes place every July, and this year's Heroes and Villains-themed parade was colourful and entertaining.

The flight simulator on The Leys was the major attraction. We queued for what felt like ages on that hot summer day, but it was worth it.

Eddie had his leavers' service at St Mary's church and said Good bye to his infant school. They each had to say a few words about what they enjoyed the most at school. Needless to say, the lessons were not mentioned by anyone.

As soon as long summer holidays began, Eddie celebrated his 7th birthday and had a jolly party at Darcy Bear's. He had 19 guests. It was very loud and totally crazy, but he loved every minute of it.

And then off we went to Cornwall. Our week in Cornwall is always the highlight of the year for me.
I love the village where we rent the cottage, with its beautiful beach.
My boys are very happy there, Sasha probably more than any of us. He has such an affinity with the sea. For him the sea is the living breathing creature. He doesn't mind if it rains, or the water is cold. He is ready to spend all day in the water.
As you can see from the photo, it was pretty cold.

We always feel sad when we have to say Good bye to the sea and "our" cottage.

Back home, we climbed trees...

...watched DVDs and went to see the Sphinx and Mummies in The Ashmolean...

...baked cakes and cookies and made Oreo fudge...
...read lots of books...
and looked up at the sky, watching the clouds including this strange alien shape (that was back in June)

... we played football and drank gallons of iced tea...

We don't want for the summer to end... But whatever we wish, the autumn is knocking at the door.
Farewell, summer, welcome, autumn.


  1. Awww what a fabulous bunch of memories - it's amazing how quickly the summer goes. I certainly don't feel like we've had 7 weeks off ! I go back on Friday and the kids on Monday - boo !

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! The summer has gone in a blink, or so it feels. Sigh, we don't want to go back to school.