Friday, 5 May 2017

Mischievous Meerkats 500pc puzzle from Ravensburger

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In the last couple of weeks our house has been in turmoil, as the plasterers and decorator were working on the entrance room and staircase. I always find having strangers in the house disruptive and frustrating. Puzzles do a good job of putting me in a better mood, so for a few days I worked on a new puzzle, a little bit at a time.
Mischievous Meerkats 500pc jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger will make anyone smile. The endearing scene features a family of meerkats.

Meerkats' popularity has reached its zenith thanks to amusing TV ads as well as wildlife documentaries. If you are a fan of the villagers of Meerkovo, you will love the latest addition to the extensive range of Ravensburger puzzles.

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And while these meerkats don't wear cravats or glasses like Aleksandr Orlov and his sidekick Sergei, they are simply  adorable. Just look at those soulful eyes.

This colourful and detailed puzzle is made from high quality cardboard and measures 36x49cm.

It is suitable for puzzlers aged 10+.
This 500pc jigsaw puzzle might be a perfect introduction to a wonderful world of puzzles.
It will make a lovely gift to any meerkat fan.

Disclosure: I received the puzzle for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own.

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