Tuesday, 9 May 2017

April Degustabox

We are always looking forward to our Degustabox delivery, which arrives every month and is full of foodie surprises. This monthly food and drink subscription box is an excellent way to discover products which have only just appeared in the shops or those which might have been around for while, but you haven't had a chance to try them yet.
Thanks to Degustabox, I have found new favourites to add to our shopping list, including some products which I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.

Each time the box arrives, it's a total surprise. You get a good selection of foods and drinks.
If you haven't tried Degustabox subscription box yet and would like to have a go, I have a whopping £7 off discount from your first box (and you can unsubscribe any time) - just use a code 8EVI8 when you place an order.
What did we receive in April Degustabox? Let's have a peek.

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The food box was delivered just in time for our Bank holiday BBQ. The weather was pretty abysmal, and we had our BBQed sausages and burgers indoors. While the food was cooking under the merciless drizzle, we shared snacks in the warmth of the house.

Seabrook Lattice crisps are sliced both ways to hold more flavour and give a satisfying crunch. We got Sea Salt and Black Pepper which is a classic and much loved flavour.
Thumbs up from all of us.

I have also offered a bowl of VIP nuts (Hot Chilli), and we all dared each other to try them. They are lethal very hot indeed. If you love chillies, you will enjoy this blast of heat.

Nothing But is a range of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, containing nothing but 100% wholesome ingredients. Suitable for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets.

Typically Edgar likes pineapple in juice, and so far resisted my attempts to feed him with dried pineapple slices. He tried a piece of a Nothing But freeze-dried pineapple, and gobbled up the whole pack.
These snacks are light, delicious and full of flavour.

Pineapple & Grape snack freeze dried fruit slices offer 1 of your 5 a day.
The pack contains 40kcal, no added sugar, salt, colour or preservatives.

I have noticed a new brand of chocolate Doisy & Dam in Sainsbury's recently, and even bought one of the flavours to try.
Doisy & Dam Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla organic milk chocolate bar is made with popped quinoa. Quinoa is a trendy ingredient these days. It might have been an interesting combination of flavours, but I wasn't quite convinced. Quinoa doesn't add much except a bit of texture, and I would have liked a more prominent flavour of Lapsang Souchong. The milk chocolate was a bit too sweet for me.

There was another trendy super food in the latest box -
GOOD HEMP Hemp Seed Hearts. These are nutty seeds, high in protein, fibre and omega 3. They are also free from nuts, gluten free and are environmentally friendly. Use them as sprinkles for your yogurt or cereal, or add to stir fries and bakes.

Whitworths Full of Super Vanilla Maca-Roons are made with almonds, coconut flakes and golden flax seeds. Naturally high in fibre and pantothenic acid, they are gluten free, soya free, suitable for vegetarians.

They are tasty enough, but do look like bird food. A light snack, they are handy to carry in a bag, for when you're out and about and are feeling peckish.

Dorset Cereals has expanded its varied selection of cereals to include an Ultimate Adventures collection.
We received an American Roadtrip flavour which includes cranberries, almonds and orange zest, as inspired by Route 66.
As we are not big muesli-eaters, I will be using this pack for adding as ingredients to crumbles and oat cookies.

Garofalo pasta is one of the brands we buy regularly, but this was the first time we tried Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne. It has a unique taste and texture. A word of warning - it might take you longer than suggested 11 minutes to cook it. When I tried it after 11 minutes, it was still very much uncooked. I do know the difference between al dente and uncooked, and it definitely needed longer time to cook.

I cooked Asparagus, kale and Dolcelatte pasta for dinner tonight, and it was pretty good.

POLO mints do not need an introduction, this is a classic brand. The POLO you've known and loved since 1948 are now available in a handy convenient pot for on the go.
POLO mints are flavoured with natural mint oils to freshen the breath. POLO sugar free range is accredited by the Oral Health Foundation as being kind to teeth.

Moving onto drinks.
CELIA Organic lager is 100% organic and brewed using just three ingredients. This is a premium Czech lager. It is a refreshing gluten-free drink.

Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water is made with ruby red grapefruit and quinine.
Mix it with gin or vodka for a refreshing and zesty long drink
No artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives.
36kcal per 100ml
We had it with sloe gin and ice, and it was delicious. Cin cin!

The food box included a flyer with a list of products and a recipe for Pasta all Norma, as cooked by your humble servant. I knew that my recipe suggestion would appear on the flyer, but actually seeing it in print made me feel all warm and fuzzy. My five minutes of fame.

Disclosure: We receive a monthly food box for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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