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Trolls 100pc jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger

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After taking the big screens by storm last year, Trolls are everywhere these days - on birthday cakes for children, in toys shops, on bottles of shampoo etc. Trolls are new Minions, with millions of young fans all over the world. Since I try to avoid most of the children's animation with too much annoying enthusiastic singing (think Chipmunks etc), we didn't go to see the film in the cinema.
But as Eddie's been pestering me to buy him a Trolls DVD, I suppose I won't be able to avoid it altogether.
Recently Ravensburger has added a Trolls 100pc jigsaw puzzle to its extensive range of puzzles for kids. It is aimed at children aged 6+.

This bright colourful puzzle consists of 100 big chunky pieces, which are easy for young children to sort and hold. It measures 49x36cm.
As always with Ravensburger puzzles, the jigsaw pieces are made from high quality cardboard, fit together snugly and have a matt finish. They are strong and durable.
The puzzle features all the main characters from the animation.
Eddie's taking after me when it comes to jigsaw puzzles - we are both great lovers of this wonderful hobby.
He loved assembling Trolls puzzle. It took him about 20 minutes to finish it. That's my boy!

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Once the puzzle is assembled, it is easy to put it back in the box until the next use.
Jigsaw puzzles are great on so many levels. I find them relaxing. For younger children they help with motor skills and brain.
This lovely jigsaw puzzle will make a great gift for any Trolls fan.

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It is worth following @RavensburgerPC on Twitter, as every Friday they host a new giveaway.

Disclosure: We received this jigsaw puzzle for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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