Friday 13 January 2017

Ricotta cheesecake (torta di ricotta)

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Every time we go to Italy, I return home, inspired by Italian recipes. An Italian cheesecake - torta di ricotta - is a lovely dessert. It is not as rich as, for example, New York cheesecake, because it doesn't have the crushed biscuit base and uses less sugar.
I haven't baked a cheesecake for ages, and wanted to cook it ever since we came back from our trip.

Ricotta cheesecake (serves 6-8)
zest of 1 lemon
150g caster sugar
75g softened butter
450g ricotta cheese (almost 2 tubs)
2 medium eggs
1tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla essence
3tbsp cornflour
75g sultanas
icing sugar, to sprinkle on the top

Depending on which sultanas you're using, you might want to soak them in hot water for quarter of an hour, if they look too dry. I still have some of sultanas left from before Christmas, when I bought a big bag to make mincemeat. They are quite plump, so I didn't think they need soaking.

Grate the lemon zest into a deep mixing bowl, add the caster sugar, softened butter and mix well. Beat in the eggs, one at a time. Add the ricotta, baking powder, vanilla and cornflour. Finally add the sultanas and mix well.

Pour the cake mix into an oiled spring cake tin, place the tin into the oven preheated to 180C. Bake the cake for an hour. When you take the tin out, the cake might still look wobbly, but it should be cooked. Let it cool for 15 minutes before taking the cake out of the tin.

Italian cake recipe, gluten free cheesecake

Sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.

Italian dessert recipes, gluten free desserts

Italian dessert, gluten free cake

Since I managed to use some of the sultanas (not finished yet the bag), I'm adding this recipe to #KitchenClearout linky run by Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews.


  1. Ooh this looks lovely - should it be eaten chilled or at room temperature?

    1. Chilled is better, though we had a couple of slices when it was still warm today. :)

    2. Always the sign of a tasty cake ! :)

  2. That looks lovely, I could just eat a slice now

  3. I love anything with ricotta, especially sweets, so sharing a recipe I blogged ages ago which is also really delicious way of using ricotta, with a cup of tea of course :)

    1. Thank you Fede, I have just looked it up, what a wonderful recipe!