Thursday, 30 May 2013

Take your movies with you: Essentials C7PDVD12 Portable DVD Player (review)

"Mama, are we there yet?" We've all heard this dreaded repeated at the regular intervals of 60 seconds phrase on a long car journey. We have an ipad for watching the favourite videos on Youtube but it doesn't always work, depending on the area you are driving through, especially in the rural places. This year we're going to be well equipped for our annual trip to Cornwall as we have acquired the Essentials C7PDVD12 Portable DVD Player.

It is marketed as a perfect travel companion, which lets you or your offspring to watch their favourite DVDs on the move.

We haven't been on a long journey yet since we bought it, but have extensively tested it in the home environment and in the summerhouse in the garden.

What does the product description promise?
"This portable DVD player has a 7" LCD screen with great non-reflective clarity, helping to reduce screen glare so you can watch wherever you are.
It is lightweight enough to come anywhere with you, and has a thin stylish remote that makes it easy to operate.

Plenty of battery life

You can be sure you'll finish your film as the C7PDVD-12 has a 2 hour battery life, but if it's getting low on charge you can always plug it in using the AC or car chargers."

What did we think of it?
It is extremely easy to use, even my 2-year-old is able to operate it. It is simple, doesn't have any unnecessary fancy features (we have another DVD player, which has way too many options that we don't need or will never need). For £49.99 it is a very good value for money. I am not going to get stressed that my little man would break it, as it looks pretty robust.
I like the size, it is not bulky. Neat and compact, it won't take much space in any room.
Very decent sound and image quality.
I was very happy not to share the family DVD player with my kids any longer, they were delighted to have a new DVD player of their own.

All in all, 9 out of 10 (one point off as we would have liked a longer battery life).

A happy customer

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