Sunday, 5 May 2013

Seedlets: gardening is fun!

Who was it from the celebrity world bemoaning recently a total lack of interest in gardening among the new generations? Monty Don? Look no further, Mr Don. Here comes Eddie the gardener. He would live in the garden given a chance, and cries every time I tell him we have to go indoors. He's happy to dig and water and play in the garden all day long. There is a new range of gardening products for children just like Eddie - called Seedlets.

It was Chris Collins, the Blue Peter gardener, who has launched the new range. He is on a mission to "get children excited about getting their hands dirty with a brand new range of gardening kit: Seedlets. "
It is tailored towards 3 levels: Beginner (just starting out), Intermediate (budding gardener) and Expert (expert green fingers)."

Eddie was very excited when the parcel from Seedlets arrived with the gardening goodies. The range has been cleverly designed to appeal to the young gardeners. The tools are the right size for little hands, and the kits are bright and colourful.

Our parcel included a watering can, mini tool bag and tool set, a propagator and a packet of seeds. The enclosed leaflets show the whole range which includes many more useful tools plus fab things like an insect hotel and a kneeling pad (brilliant for all the weeding jobs).

Chris Collins commented, “I’m totally committed to showing kids exactly how fun it can be to grow plants, especially plants they can then eat! Many children don’t have a real understanding of where their food comes from, so this is about getting back to basics, tempting them away from computers and TVs and into the fresh air to grow their own dinner. In my thirty years teaching kids about gardening, I’ve never worked with a child who didn’t get a real kick out of it. These brilliant bits of kit are colourful, appealing and easy for small hands to use effectively. 

We bought the kiddie gardening tools for Eddie in the past, which he dismissed as childish, they were made of plastic and didn't look like the "real" ones. So, he was delighted with his new tools from Expert range that look like the "adult" gardening tools (though to be honest, he is not an expert at all, he only aspires to become one).
Personally I love the plastic tools as well from the Beginner range, as they are very colourful and cheerful.

As you can see from the photos below, Eddie is very happy with his new gardening tools.

The Seedlets range includes packets of seeds which are specifically selected for each age group, bearing in mind the attention span and the ease of the instructions to follow.
We received a packet of rocket seeds. Now we come to the greenhouse daily to check on the progress of the seeds in the propagator.

I have assigned a patch for Eddie to dig freely, and he is very happy there. 

Watering plants can be such fun! 

We'll keep you informed on the progress of our rocket-growing project.

Thank you, Seedlets!
To find more about the range, visit the Seedlets site.

We were sent several products from the Seedlets range for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine (and Eddie's).


  1. This looks great

  2. That really sounds great. This is the kind of fun ... eh ... kids should have fun with. Oh, I should go more often to the garden myself. Thank you for sharing.