Monday, 6 February 2012

Emma Talbot's enchanted world

Emma Talbot, a talented illustrator and mixed media artist, has joined John Crane Ltd. Now, if you have kids, you must have heard of John Crane's fab toys.

This year all new Tidlo toys from John Crane will feature Emma's illustrations.
Emma Talbot has been working as a designer for over 14 years after graduating with a B.A Honors Degree in Graphics Illustration.

On her blog she says that she loves making people smile with her work.
Her little bunnies, birds and other little creatures are very kind, gentle, gracious, warm and charming. They would appeal to both children and adults alike, as they open the door to the kind-hearted world, where magic things might happen. Entering her art portfolio is like joining in the enchanted world of fairy tales with happy endings.

I saw an appeal to bloggers on John Crane's FB page to review Emma Talbot's limited edition print, and was delighted to be one of the lucky bloggers who received a lovely print.
Eddie was smitten, as the print shows a very cute panda. He keeps pointing, saying Bear, bear.

As you can see, our little Panda bear has soulful eyes and a warm smile, and this print will look lovely in any nursery room or child's bedroom. We are going to frame it for Eddie's bedroom, so that when he wakes up, a kind Panda will smile to him.

Having browsed through Emma's illustrations, I kept thinking that they would make perfect stamps (like Stampin'Up kits) when you stamp several layers of colours one over the other.

I think John Crane Ltd are very lucky to have Emma working with them.

All images were provided with John Crane's and Emma's permission.


  1. I think I'm blushing! What a lovely post- it has made my day :D Thank you so much. Em

  2. Glad you liked my little review, Emma, and thank you for your help with the images! xxx