Thursday, 16 February 2012

Disney's Club Penguin magazine launch

If you are a Club Penguin fan and member, I'm sure you were anticipating the launch of a new magazine with great enthusiasm.

Disney’s Club Penguin Launches UK Magazine
First print magazine from the largest virtual world for kids is the latest addition to its range of connected experiences
Disney’s Club Penguin has launched its first official magazine: Disney Club Penguin Magazine. Hitting newsstands across the UK and Ireland, from Thursday 9th February, the new magazine will give kids another way to engage with Club Penguin. The four-weekly magazine will feature richly-illustrated comic stories, fact files, puzzles and activities themed on popular in-world games and events. As with all Club Penguin toys, books, videogames and apps, the magazine will connect to the virtual world through secret codes that allow kids to earn coins and unlock exclusive items offering a truly integrated entertainment experience.

Lucy Woodward, director of Disney Online Studios for The Walt Disney Company EMEA, explains: “Safety, great content and engaging gameplay drives everything we do and this new magazine will deliver children the same quality of experiences they demand in our virtual world. The two are also connected in order to ensure complete continuity.

“In the same way we reward our players online with coins when they complete challenges and quests, kids solving puzzles in the magazine will earn coins they can use to credit their online account. Kids playing our Nintendo DS game, Herbert‘s Revenge, or collecting trading cards, can discover codes that allow them to unlock special items in-world. This kind of connectivity can also be seen with our books, plush and apps and is really important in staying true to the quality of entertainment, narrative and mythology of Club Penguin outside of the virtual world.“

Disney Club Penguin Magazine, published by Panini UK, is launching exclusively in the UK and Ireland. Each issue will include two secret codes that unlock exclusive items online for use in-world and will be available in all major retail outlets priced at £2.99.

Launched in October 2005, Club Penguin has seen more than 150 million registered users pass through the site. With its imaginative play environment, word filtering technology and live moderation, award-winning Club Penguin has built a solid reputation as a safe and secure online destination that provides fun for kids and peace of mind for parents. 


I have seen Club Penguin annuals in the shops before, and it is only natural that fans would want a magazine which would be catering to their hobby.

The magazine is very colourful, and the 1st issue comes with several free gifts including a free 7 day membership and two codes for two exclusive items. It looks like each issue will have similar free gifts of free membership and codes that you redeem online to receive free gifts.
The magazine costs £2.99, which is an average price for a children's magazine.
You receive 1500 bonus gold coins for solving the puzzles and missions in the magazine. There are free posters, comic strips and exclusive competitions - everything that you would expect from a chidren's magazine.

All in all, a lovely addition to the Club Penguin scheme, and a bonus for all Club Penguin fans.
Sasha liked the magazine, but he is as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel recently every time I try to take his photo, so I wasn't able to do a snap of him perusing the Club Penguin magazine. But as he is interested in it, we'll be certainly buying it in the future.


  1. Looks great - will look out for this as Corey loves Club Penguin. Thanks for the review.

  2. I Live In Australia And I Have no Idea If You Can Get It Here?
    Please Reply

  3. I don't know if you can get it in Australia, sorry. You can send an email to and ask. cheers!