Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stay safe with Boomerein

Eddie is 19 months going on 19 years, and he thinks he can do anything. He is not happy to stay in the pushchair all the time when we go out shopping. Since I detest cars and refuse to drive, we walk everywhere in town. Until recently Eddie was happy to observe the world from his pushchair. I can still keep him happy there, if he has his teddy with him and a few snacks, but he is getting more and more restless and wants to walk next to me.

Luckily we were offered to test the Boomerein from Kool Kangaroos, which is a retractable child safety rein that clips easily between you and your children around the waist using adjustable straps, allowing them to stick close to you, while you can carry on using both hands to get on with your day.

As you can see from the photos, my child is very close to me (photos taken with the Boomerein attached to both of us) but still feels he can exercise his independence.
Both belts are fully adjustable for your size which it is a big bonus, since you can wear it with either summer or winter clothes.
I would still advise holding your child's hand when crossing the road (you can never be too careful when crossing the road) or in the busy town centre (so that you are not bothering other people or getting in their way).
We never used the shoulder reins with Eddie, so I can only compare the two theoretically. I suppose the shoulder reins are more suitable for toddlers who started to walk recently and are still quite unsteady on their feet. The Boomerein would suit tots who have mastered the art of walking, as they are not supported by the reins.The Boomerein is a safety product that gives both a parent and a child a good amount of freedom without compromising the child's safety.

It is especially convenient if you have a pushchair with you, as it gives you freedom of using your hands. We have tried the reins mostly in the garden and in the park area.
I can also imagine it is very useful when you go out with two tots.

And if you like the idea of the cool reins, head straight to Kool Kangaroos.

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