Friday, 11 August 2017

SpinZipz, Spinbladez and Thumb Chucks

Fidget Spinners of all types are the latest craze this year. They have been promoted as a must toy and a helping tool for children with cognitive impairments, especially for children on the spectrum.
But as they say, if you've met one child with autism, you met one child with autism. What works for one child on the spectrum, won't necessarily work for another.

This small spinning toy claims to help children who are prone to fidgeting, they are also supposed to help with lowering anxiety and stress. And while I don't want to challenge these claims, I can only say about our autistic son. It didn't attract him much at all. If anything, he played with it for less than a couple of minutes and gave it back to me.
Our younger son (who is neuro typical) - on the other hand - is a big fan of fidget spinners. We have 6 different ones, and would have had more, if I didn't resist.

We were among the first ones in Eddie's school to buy a fidget spinner, and of course, he had to take it to school to show off.
SpinZipz spinners and Thumb Chucks skill toy are a cool summer accessory to be seen with.
You must have seen books and manuals on what to do with these toys, how to play with them and which tricks to learn. Social media is full of videos and images of cool dudes and dudettes, showing their skills.

My younger son is the perfect social media target, he loves Instagram accounts and watches videos of toys, games and gadgets on Youtube. He doesn't have yet any of his own accounts, but he has asked me already (cruel mother said No, you are not old enough). He enjoys watching unboxing videos (which I find absolutely boring), and he knew about fidget spinners well ahead of me.

If you fancy having a peek - check out #spinzips and #thumbchucks on Instagram.

SpinZipz fidget spinners (3 blades) and SpinBladez (2 blades) are colourful and mesmerising. Their distinctive LED lights make it a perfect toy to play with in the dark.
There is a pin, which you can insert in both toys, making them stackable.

fidget spinners

SpinZipz are mighty attractive. They remind of a story I have read as a teenager, I think it was called The Hypnoglyph, about a magical object brought from a different planet. It looked like a smooth wooden egg, and anyone who took it in their hand, found it impossible to part with it, as the hand would keep polishing and caressing the hypnoglyph. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It was one of the sci-fi stories (a genre which I loved in my teens).

Thumb Chucks from Zing Toys look deceptively simple, but they are actually quite tricky to master. They light up, and come in a range of colours.

latest toy craze

There are plenty of tutorials online, if you want to master the art of Thumb Chucks. Eddie is still in the learning stages.

Disclosure: We received three fidget spinner toys for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are our own.


  1. My son might be a bit old for these now but they do look useful for keeping them occupied in boring situations

    1. Thank you, Alison, there are pretty big guys playing with thumb chucks on Instagram, not kids at all. :)

  2. Pierre and Juliette are obsessed with them, and even Madhouse Daddy keeps picking them up and mindlessly playing with them in idle moments ! Haven't tried the thumbchucks though