Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tonka Blast & Dash Quarry Playset

Can you believe it that Tonka is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year?! That's a great achievement for a toy brand. Happy anniversary, Tonka!
To mark 70 years of fun, Tonka has released two new playsets in their Tonka Tinys range -- Tonka Car Crush Escape and Blast & Dash Quarry (£9.99 each).

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If you haven't come across Tonka Tinys before, this is a collection of miniature vehicles which are great for small scale adventures.
Suitable for ages 3+, this range of mini collectibles is popular with children and grown-ups alike.
We have already reviewed some of the Tonka Tinys earlier this year.
There are over 20 vehicles to collect including police pickups, quarry dump trucks and even helicopters. You can get them in packs of three (with one mystery vehicle) or in blind garages (priced at £2.49).

They are highly detailed and have movable parts. We like that they come in small craters/garages, which are easy to store, as they are stackable on top of each other.

Two latest sets are connectable, and are scaled to play with all Tonka Tinys vehicles.

Tonka Tinys

Tonka Tinys Blast & Dash Quarry Playset features a working crane, car crusher and catapult for an exploding action. Don't worry, the exploding action is very minor, it's more of an up and down movable part than a blast.

Tonka Tinys

This set comes in a box, ready for a simple and easy assembly. It is suitable for 5+ due to small pieces.
Both sets include an exclusive Tonka Tinys vehicle.

Tonka Tinys

Eddie enjoys playing with little cars and other vehicles. He loved sending them down the slide through the tunnel.

This set is a lovely addition to Tonka Tinys range.

If your child is a fan of Tonka Tinys, keep an eye on a new larger playset coming out in autumn.

Disclosure: We received a playset for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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