Monday, 16 February 2015

Savoury beer pancakes with wild mushrooms and bacon

Pancake day recipe
Beer pancakes with wild mushrooms and bacon

I am always surprised when I read people saying on their blogs that they only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Why limit yourself to just once a year? Pancakes are a staple breakfast food in Russia, especially at the weekends. My guys love pancakes, and every Sunday is a pancake day in our family. They prefer the sweet varieties, topped up with sliced bananas, berries and cream. I love mine with honey or maple syrup. Savoury pancakes are also fabulous. Beer is one of the ingredients which adds a definite lightness and a savoury note to the pancakes.

Pancake day recipe

Beer pancakes (makes 6)
2 medium eggs
150ml beer
100g self-raising flour
a pinch of salt
butter, for frying

for the filling:
1tsp olive oil
100g cubed bacon
100g wild mushrooms
1tbsp maple syrup
1tbsp fresh thyme, chopped
100g mozzarella, cubed

Beat the eggs with the beer and flour, add a pinch of salt. The batter should be smooth. Pour a ladleful of batter into the buttered hot frying pan and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side. There's enough batter to make 6 pancakes.

Pancake day recipe, savoury pancake
Beer pancakes
Chop the bacon lardons into cubes, fry them in the frying pan with a bit of olive oil. After 3-4 inutes of add the chopped wild mushrooms and a tablespoon of maple syrup, as well as some fresh thyme. Cook for another 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Turn down the heat and add the cubed mozzarella. Divide the filling between the pancakes and fold each pancake in half.

Wild mushrooms + Mushrooms with bacon and mozzarella
Drizzle more maple syrup if you like. The sweetness of the syrup works well with the salty savoury flavours of the bacon and mushrooms.

I have been asked by Clarks Maple Syrup to come up with a recipe for Clarks Pancake Challenge. Well, I am definitely in the maple syrup camp. As much as I love lemons in cooking, for me classic pancakes with lemon juice and sugar are just too boring plain. If I fancy a simple version, I would opt for maple syrup, or honey. Or do it the Russian way, with the soured cream and sprinkled sugar.

For more pancake recipes and cooking inspiration, visit Clarks recipes page.

If you're in the pancakes-once-a-year group, make sure you cook the best ones. And don't worry about the flipping bit. In fact, I have read that it's only the rubbery pancakes which flip easily. You cannot flip a large thin crepe or Italian lacy crespelle without tearing it.
Whichever recipe you choose, have fun with your pancakes and stack them high!

Disclosure: I received a bottle of maple syrup and a subsidiary fee for buying the ingredients. All opinions are mine.

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  1. I've never been tempted by savoury pancakes before but these look really good!

    1. They are just the base for any filling you fancy, I do love savoury as much as sweet

  2. Hubby would love this recipe. I've never cooked pancakes with beer before.

    1. I suppose, the taste might be different, depending on which beer you choose (ale or stout would probably produce very different flavours). I used an Italian beer, and the pancakes were lovely

  3. I agree... I LOVE a pancake all year and often make them if i'm feeling like I need a little love... but very rarely make savoury pancakes, although I do love them too... yours look gorgeous!

  4. Your pancakes look delicious. I have never used beer to make mine before, my boyfriend would be happy to eat them. I do make them through the year as my kiddies make demands but for mostly sweet chocolatey ones. :) I'm looking forward tomorrow, undecided what I will make. I want to try your bacon ones - yummy. But I'm having a meat free week. Great excuse to make them next week.
    Thank you

  5. Love the idea of adding beer, it does make them look really tasty