Thursday, 20 November 2014

Black Hits the High Street

Just what is it with the black colour? Walking through the local shopping centre almost every morning, on the way to school, I am amazed to see the endless rows of mannequins in black. The black is everywhere. Did all the High Street shops' designers attend the same seminar, where they got an impression that black should dominate the festive scene? I wonder.

Marks & Spencer's black fairy

I don't know if that's our local phenomenon, as I haven't been anywhere else recently, or is it a global fashion's focus on black?!

Magic & Sparkle or Gothic tales?

I do love black outfits, they all have a part to play in many celebrations and festive occasions. But when the palette shifts to one colour, it becomes a bit overwhelming.

There are some gorgeous black outfits, but where are all the patterned, bright, sparkly dresses and trouser sets?

Dorothy Perkins
I wander in bewilderment. It looks like a scene from The Godfather.

Phase Eight

Phase Eight

Thankfully Monsoon adds a bit of colour with red and navy blue.


What do you think I have chosen as a Christmas outfit for myself?
A black layered chiffon blouse from La Redoute (now where that winking smilie when you need one?!).
What are you planning to wear this Christmas?


  1. Those window displays don't look very festive, but I do like to wear black too. I will probably opt for black as well. With added sparkles of course. ^_^

  2. I haven't noticed a dominance of black in the window displays but then I haven't looked out it for. We have most of the chains pictured so I'm definitely going to check tomorrow when I walk in to town to see if 'black' dominates in my town too. You're quite right though, not exactlly festive! Tx

    1. Do let me know what you will see locally! I am very curious

  3. I haven't noticed the black overload, though I have seen the black mannequins. I actually don't think that black is necessarily wrong for Christmas. I love black, and feel that the accessories could pop the festive colour back into the outfit. I think I might just follow the trend, as you are doing too! ;)

    1. I have some vintage accessories, though I wonder if I wear my black outfit with them, would I resemble the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey, lol

  4. this is really an awesome collection :)