Monday, 9 December 2013

Our Christmas tree and one enthusiastic boy

"Is it Christmas yet, Mummy?"

Every morning in the last month or so Eddie wakes up with a question if Christmas has arrived. He is particularly concerned about Santa not forgetting to visit him. He is so full of enthusiasm about all the Christmas-related business like doing the cards, Nativity play in the nursery, stories about Jesus, Santa's imminent arrival and of course, our Christmas tree.
Decorating a Christmas tree is one of my top pleasures of the season. I have always loved it, for me it is a pleasure bordering on magic. As my older son is 11 now, he doesn't show much interest in the Christmas paraphernalia. Not Eddie. He is super eager to help and get involved. He was absolutely ecstatic when our John Lewis Vintage Blue Christmas tree arrived in a big box.

It is a tall 7ft tree, which looks very realistic. You know, when you see things online, they might look different in real life, but our tree looks as splendid (if not better) as the image shows. It was easy to assemble - the tree comes in three big pieces plus a stand, you just need to slot all the pieces together in the right order, and adjust the screws on the stand for the tree to be stable. You will also need to adjust the branches and fluff them up (the branches are hinged).

It is really heart-warming to see our tree in its full glory. The tree itself reminds me of the Russian forests. It is a perfect basis for any decorative style. Consider yourself an artist with a white canvas, you can create anything you want with it, and give it either a traditional look or a modern minimalist one.
The branches are made of Polythylene, and look hard wearing.
We usually have a real tree from the garden centre, but I am converted now.

Felt So Good Mini Christmas Wreath (Multi) and Santa Coat tree decorations

Our tree was delivered with a whole packet full of Christmas tree decorations by Felt So Good. They are truly funky, cute and innovative. I love it that they were made in a small cottage in the Himalayas. I told Eddie that they were made in the faraway land, hand-stitched and embroidered, and he was fascinated. He kept asking me if they knew he would receive them. I said, of course, they knew. Very colourful felt toys vary in design. There are mini-wreaths, Santa coat, mini Santa, penguins and squirrels, spotty presents and stockings. Charming and adorable.
Felt So Good Snowflake and Penguin with Red Scarf tree decorations

My very own Elf
We didn't put a conventional star or an angel on the top. We actually do have a few angel decorations on the tree, but there is a flying elephant sitting on the top. It's Eddie's masterpiece, made with love from a recycled milk bottle in the nursery. Eddie was thrilled that his creation is at the very top of the tree.
We also added a string of lights, and they twinkle merrily, adding to the festive spirit.

Last summer, when I knew my Mum was coming to visit us in July, I asked her if she could bring with her a few of my old tree decorations. She carefully wrapped four of them in bubble wrap and carried with her all the way from Russia. I look at them, and travel back into my childhood. When we were kids, my parents would wrap the walnuts in foil and hang them together with the mandarins on the Christmas tree.
Decorations from my childhood, vintage Russian glass ornaments

Eddie has been so proud of his decorating skills that he insisted on having his photo taken next to the tree. He goes around it and repeats every few minutes "What a beautiful Christmas tree!". I imagine all his nursery class will be informed on what a fabulous tree he has at home.

Eddie loved the big box in which the tree was delivered, and has been playing with it for the last few days. One day it is a house, the next it is a boat. We cut out the windows in it, and Eddie painted it with blue gouache. Simple pleasures of life. Boxes are fascinating toys, which appeal to a child's imagination.

It is lovely to walk in the evening in the neighbourhood and see all the twinkling lights and decorations on the Christmas trees in the houses. Some of our neighbours are very particular about the style. One of the ladies always goes for the pristine white look, the other decks the tree with lots of gold.

We are very proud of our beautiful tree and love all our colourful decorations, each toy tells a story and each one is a joy.

Disclosure: we received a Christmas tree from John Lewis and a selection of felt decorations by Felt so Good for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

Felt So Good Stocking with Snowman tree decoration

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  1. Oh how absolutely wonderful - what a great review :) I love those decorations, they are gorgeous. And Eddie is a real cutie. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Thank you Victoria! These decorations are uber-cute, we love them!

  2. The tree does look absolutely fab! And so does the decorations. My kids are also crazy with the anticipation :) Can't wait for Christmas to come! #PoCoLo