Monday, 30 July 2012

Home to a Latte

I always do a list before going on holidays.
I just have to write it due to the fact that I'm a bit scatter-brained plus often sleep-deprived and if I don't do it, there will always be something that I have forgotten to take. In fact I tend to forget something even if it is on the list, like this year, I managed to leave our toothbrushes at home, and we had to buy the new set when we arrived to our holiday destination. I know I have packed them carefully, and confess I still haven't found them since we came back.
So, making lists is not a salvation but a great help nevertheless.

I haven't travelled abroad in the last couple of years, but I still take my passport with me, just in case.

Half of the things I take with us, is never used, as I am going away, ready for any eventuality, including all sorts of antiseptic wipes, creams, liquid etc, plus medication in case anyone got a fever, upset stomach, diarrhea, insect bites etc etc As my older son is having big sleeping problems and is on medication to help him with his sleep, that med is on top of my list. If he doesn't sleep, nobody will have a chance to have a rest.

Wash all the clothes in advance and iron as much as possible, even if it has to go in the suitcase folded. Take clothes for both cold and rainy days and - hopefully - the days of sunshine as well.

This summer we were lucky to catch the only week of sunshine, and our stay in Cornwall coincided with a lovely weather.

Place a big grocery order online for a delivery to a cottage where we stay. The place we go to is lovely, but it is a small village in the middle of nowhere, and there are no shops, unless you are prepared to travel. There are cafes but my guys are rather fussy, and I prefer to cook our food when we stay in the cottage. Of course, we have treats as well, like lots of ice cream and local chocolate.

Don't forget the sunblock cream.

Take kids' favourite toys and books with you. Elmer the elephant has been travelling with us for a number of years.

Have a good look in the fridge and eat all the perishables. Leave a bottle of long term milk in the fridge.

We drink lots of milk in this house. My guys love the milkshakes. Eddie drinks milk like a thirsty calf, gulping enthusiastically.
And of course, my husband and I love our lattes.
I had a giggle when I read the post on BritMums about coming home to a proper cuppa, because for me tea with milk is not a proper cuppa. I can drink tea with milk, if the tea is quite indifferent in taste, but I would rather not disguise the taste of tea with milk, given a choice. Give me a cup of Earl Grey with a slice of lemon any time.
But coffee is a different matter. That has to be very milky for me.

Not knowing if I'd be able to shop on the way back from our trip to Cornwall, I prepared a big size Cravendale bottle to sit in the fridge and wait patiently for our arrival. As it happened, we stopped only once at a small Costa on the way to grab a coffee and use the facilities before jumping back in the car, as it was Friday & the day of the Olympic opening ceremony, and we were trying to escape the floods of cars moving in the direction of London. So, I might as well pat myself on the head for being wise and buying milk in advance.

This little post is my entry for the Come Home to a Cuppa Linky Challenge on BritMums sponsored by Cravendale.

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  1. Glad you managed to catch the sun for your week away, Iagree tho its always best to go prepared for any weather!