Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mummy's Little Helper...

or hindrance (more likely)... Whenever I start doing the house chores, Eddie wants to join in, and of course, he is at the age when he is more of a hindrance than real help. But I do not want to discourage him.
He loves our garden, and every time I do a bit of weeding, he is there with the brush and the scoop.

He has developed a great fondness for the big garden brush, and would take it around the garden and even use it right at times.

Of course, then my own work has to be abandoned and you need to supervise him closely. I remember when Sasha was little, he watched me snipping off the dying flowers and then beheaded all the tulips in the garden, and he was very proud of his effort. I had no heart to tell him off, as he clearly thought he helped me.

I have big plans for Eddie. This year we are going to grow tomatoes again, and he will help me to water them, this task will be easy enough for him. We have a water tank, so hopefully there will be enough water for the tomatoes, as there is a threat of a water ban this coming summer. Sasha has always enjoyed watering the garden plants. He would get soaking wet, but so deliriously happy.

Then there is the call of the kitchen and the temptation of all the kitchen utensils and appliances.
Eddie loves watching me cooking, and I let him mix the cake dough or decorate the cookies.

Of course, at times the mixing bowl ends up on the head, Lady Gaga-style, and who is having more fun, Eddie or me when this happens?

As Eddie is too young to handle the electrical appliances, I only let him push the button on the milk shaker and he squeals with delight when it starts the noisy dance.

Is 20 months too young to be helping with the chores? Perhaps. But if the little people see the chores as a fun activity, they will want to join in.

One can dream: perhaps one day I will have a man in the house who will not throw dirty socks on the floor, leave the wet towel on the bed or crumbs in bed. Or does this only happen in Hollywood films? :)


  1. Hollywood is famous for horror films, as well. And what about Eddie's uncle - wasn't I a good character? All the crumbs in the bed where not mine:))))

  2. Fair enough about Hollywood. And yes, crumbs were not left by you. We won't name the culprits though. :)
    And I was very tempted to add a photo of you working in the garden with Eddie.

  3. Awww my daughter loves to help out too. She's 2 and a half and she loves helping me put clothes in the washing machine and then taking them out afterwards and helping to peg socks onto a little indoor rack. She also likes to "help" out with the vacuuming, but tends to spend about 10 minutes vacuuming one spot.

  4. Maybe Mummys little helper could 'help' with making some Russian doll biscuits??

  5. adorable photos, i think its important for children to be in the garden and help out x

  6. Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this trouble. I have "help" dusting, putting the washing in the machine, gardening etc I end up having to do twice as much work!!

  7. Aww my little boy likes to "help" around the house and is always wondering around with a dustpan and brush bless him!

  8. My little boy also likes to "help" around the house bless him. I can't wait until he's old enough to really give me a hand, although no doubt he won't want to then.