Monday, 5 March 2012

Justin Fletcher's new CD "Hands Up" (review)

When I read several mummy bloggers' reviews on the new Justin Fletcher's CD, I was dismayed to find out they were apprehensive to start with. How could they? It's Justin! The one and only, inimitable and unique, a hero of all families who have children with special needs.

First it was Sasha who learnt about Mr Tumble at school and started looking for his videos online, later after seeing how interested he is, I started buying DVDs.
I was really looking forward to listening to Justin's new album with my 19-months-old son. Eddie knows Justin Fletcher from the DVD collection that we have and loves his Nursery Rhymes so much that we put it on at least once a day. In fact, Eddie is watching Something Special right now, as I type.

The new album contains 20 songs, most of them are well known children's classic songs like "If you're happy", "The Hokey Cokey", "The Wheels on the Bus".
There are a couple of songs that we haven't heard before: "The Sailor's Lament" (this is a rather melancholic song, beautiful and even poignant if you think about it) and "Justin's Lullaby" (another lyrical piece, very peaceful and slightly philosophical).

The tunes are very upbeat, with a modern interpretation. Easy to listen to and very catchy. Justin's voice is immediatley recognisable. His charisma shines through his performance. The album starts with a cheerful dancing tune and ends with three calm songs.

We listened together with Eddie, we danced and laughed at ourselves. We whirled around enthusiastically, me wiggling my bum and Eddie laughing his socks off at Mum's dance.

This CD will make a lovely present to any pre-schooler. It is available from 5 March.

We love it!

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  1. I really like the sound of this cd and think that justin fletcher is wonderful!