Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pear, Chocolate and Praline cake from Sponge (review)

When you read the blurb "Vanilla Sponge, moistened and sweetened by juicy pear pieces and with a smattering of chunky dark chocolate. The praline ‘nutty-cream’ is the smooth operator responsible for marrying the lightest of Sponges together and the toasted hazelnuts sit like jewels in this crowning glory!", don't you feel immediately tempted?

I have been ogling the cakes at Sponge for quite a while, but finally taken the plunge and ordered a cake for my husband's birthday last Saturday.
The photo and the description were the feast for eyes. You can read more about this cake here.

I was also swayed by the clever marketing.
"The ever popular Give One Get One Free offer is available to all new Sponge family members! Order a delicious 7" Sponge in any flavour and send to a friend or family member and we'll send you another 7" Sponge absolutely free". I knew just the person who would enjoy a cake.

But as we all know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Was it worth £16.99 (£11.99 plus postage)?
The birthday boy loved it. The guests loved it.
My friend who received her cake was happy with the choice.
Even Sasha who is very particular about what he agrees to eat, decided he liked it. He ate it in his usual way, disposing of the buttercream and eating the sponge only, by crumbling it and playing with it by nimbly squeezing and squashing the pieces before putting them in his mouth. I was amazed that he tried a new product. In my books this was a full success.
Personally I would like a thinner layer of buttercream (or would swap it for a cream which is not based on butter, but that's just me, I prefer a lighter cream).
The sponge itself was fabulously moist. It has the lovely texture, and the balance between the juicy pears and chocolate is just right.

Will I place an order with the company again? I probably will, as I am rather curious to try their other flavours. Why did I use the word "probably"? There was an issue with the delivery. The courier left the cake with the neighbours bur never bothered to leave any card or note to let me know he did so. As I am not psychic, I did not know. It took a couple of phone calls to sort it out.


  1. I can't wait to try this out as it looks so yummy

  2. The cake looks gorgeous, and very homely. It makes me want to bake one myself!

  3. oh wow, this looks tasty. if the offer is still on i might order one