Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I love my porridge, my porridge loves me

Eddie has a hearty appetite and loves his food. I started weaning him on solids, when he was five months old, and now that he is reaching a ripe old age of 1, he has tried many lovely foods. (And he still loves his Mummy milk. :))
Remembering unpleasant baby rice and constipation issues with our older son when he was a baby, I decided to avoid baby rice altogether and start with veg purees and baby porridge. We have tried all the major brands of baby porridge, and to my disappointment they tasted like shredded cardboard, absolutely unappetising (I won't name them but they are sold everywhere).
That is, until we found Plum.
Plum makes baby porridges and muesli in a variety of flavours.
Plum baby Four Grain Muesli is a combination of four healthy grains. It has a nice texture and a lovely delicate taste. Finally, a baby food that tastes good.
It has the following ingredients:
Organic oat flakes (76%) Organic banana flakes (8%) Organic whole rice flour (5%) Organic popped amaranth (4%) Organic strawberry flakes (4%) Organic quinoa flour (3%) Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
Another favourite is Plum Baby four grain super porridge in a combination of wholegrains. It is creamy, smooth and easy to prepare.
I usually use a mix of Plum muesli and porridge (50/50), prepared with hot milk.
As you can see, Eddie enjoys his porridge.

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