Thursday, 18 September 2014

Russian salad

Do you do traditional roast dinners on Sundays? Are you tired of eating the usual roast beef sandwiches or quiche with ham for a few days in a row? And do I dare even to mention the C-word and the inevitable roast turkey? What do you do with the leftovers?
You might remember me mentioning it already that I was one of a few lucky bloggers who were selected to become ShortcutEggsperts (why do I always read this word as short cute eggsperts?!). This month's challenge was to create a dish with eggs, using leftovers. Many of my American readers will be celebrating Thanksgiving soon, and even Christmas is not that distant. At least some people are eagerly anticipating it, like my little man. The shops have already started selling mince pies, which I am going to resist buying for another month or more. As it often happens, both of these celebrations are accompanied by tables laden with food often including a traditional turkey or ham (that is, if you are not a vegetarian). My recipe for Russian salad is made, using the leftover turkey meat, but you can easily substitute it with the same amount of ham or roast beef.

Russian salad
2 potatoes, about 350+g, cubed
1 carrot, 100g, diced
200+g turkey, cubed (or ham or beef)
3 eggs, hard-boiled
4 gherkins
2 heaped tbsp green peas
1 apple, diced
5tbsp mayonnaise
olives + gherkins for decoration

Leftovers used in this recipe were turkey and carrot (steamed).
Cook the potatoes in salted water, once cooked, let them cool completely before chopping into small cubes. Dice the cooked carrot and turkey meat. Chop three hard-boiled eggs, gherkins and dice an apple. Mix all the ingredients together with green peas (either tinned or cooked from frozen). Add the mayonnaise and again mix well, so that all the ingredients are covered with mayo. Decorate with the olives, baby tomatoes, gherkins or peas.

This salad will keep for a day in the fridge.
Salads are always a good way of re-using the leftovers, and the best part is that you can play with the ingredients. If you don't have carrots, add the cooked parsnip. Swap gherkins for cornichons or olives. Ham works very well in this salad, and so does cubed roast beef. You can also try it with the chicken.

For more egg facts and information, visit Egginfo.

Disclosure: As part of the ShortcutEggsperts programme launched by BritMums and Lion Eggs, I received vouchers for creating a recipe using the eggs.


  1. I have never tried any Russian cuisine, but this salad looks extremely hearty and filling!


  2. This looks lovely and a great way of using up the leftovers - less than 100 days to Christmas !! ;-)

  3. oooh that looks nice, love the addition of gherkins