Monday, 8 September 2014

Equip: a range of waterless hygiene products

Over four years ago I spent four long days in the hospital, giving birth to my younger son and recovering after a c-section. Washing oneself was out of question, I had to take a little cot on wheels with Eddie everywhere I went, even to the toilet. I understand the nurses are busy (well, most of the time, when they are not chatting idly and looking through you when you need them), and there was nobody to ask to look after my son if I wanted to have a quick shower. When my husband was able to visit (he was working, plus our older son needed looking after), I tried to at least have an uninterrupted meal in the evening and talked to him, trying to catch up on the news at home. I wish in those days I knew about Equip, a range of waterless hygiene products. It would have been very handy to use them in the hospital.

I have recently received a range of Equip products for testing and reviewing... I tested all of them, and here are the results.

I always carry with me a packet of baby wipes, for all kinds of accidents. Just recently, when we travelled to Cornwall by car, and my little man kept being sick, they were very handy, and I used half a packet for sure, to clean him and wipe the seat. Yet again, I wish I had a packet of Equip with us for a more durable sturdy cleansing product.

Equip Waterless Wash 24 oversized wipes are 30cm long wipes, for cleansing, moisturising and deorodrising. They are pretty big, and thus convenient for grown-ups to get cleaner faster. It contains a blend of coconut extract, aloe vera and Karanja nut for a soothing fresh feeling. They are mild and kind to skin, being dermatologically tested and PH balanced. The fragrance is mild, not overwhelming. In a way, it is like a small wet towel. I bet these wipes would be super handy in many situations where you cannot get access to a shower, like during camping, festivals or after sports.

Equip Waterless Wash 24 protective wipes are pre-moistened protective hygiene wipes, designed for your most intimate places. Specially formulated with Canadian Willow herb, which is known for its anti-itch properties, these wipes are perfect for cleansing, refreshing and protecting the skin. I can think of quite a few situations when you might need to use them, like when going to the dreaded smear test, and some other unpleasant invasive medical appointments, or again, camping etc, where washing facilities are limited.

Equip Waterless Wash Super-thick wash mitts are strong and durable. After using this product, you are feeling clean and refreshed. These super-thick mitts are spun-lace, they keep moisture well, and one mitt is enough to clean large areas.

All the wipes are really moist, the sealed packets prevent them from drying. And because they are bigger than standard baby wipes, you can clean yourself (or someone else) much faster. They are dermatologically tested, pH balanced, and formulated to be kind to skin.

I have also tried a waterless wash shampoo cap, which I confess I did with a slight hesitation. Though I have used dry shampoo like Batiste in the past, I am not very keen on it. I wear my hair pretty long, and it needs a good rinse. But I was brave and opened the sealed packed. It contained a wet shower cap, with a plastic outside layer and a very moist inside layer.

Instructions say: Place the cap on the head, covering all the hair and gently massage thoroughly for 2-3 minutes, as massaging activates the shampoo and conditioner.
First impressions? It feels quite odd to have a wet cap on the head, but it's not unpleasant. While you massage the shampoo in, the scalp feels refreshed. After working the solution through my hair, I used the towel to dry it. My hair, though washed, wasn't quite what I expected. Once it dried, it was quite dull-looking, and I felt it still needed a good rinse. I couldn't wait to wash my hair again, this time with water, the next day. I don't know if it is because my hair is long. I would like to know if someone else with shorter hair tried it, and if they liked it.

To be fair, I think it is a great concept, but it still needs working on. It might be a good idea to have two shower caps perhaps, one with shampoo/conditioner, another just like a giant wet wipe for "rinsing"?!

Apart from the shampoo cap which is not perfect, the range of wipes is excellent, and could be very handy during long trips, camping or a stay in the hospital.

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