Thursday, 20 June 2013

Leapfrog Numbers: Learn Numbers and Shapes DVD

Eddie is pretty good at counting, even if he gets over-enthusiastic occasionally and keeps counting fingers up to 11. The latest release from the popular children's learning series Leapfrog called Leapfrog Numbers: Learn Numbers and Shapes encourages kids to learn their numbers, counting and shapes.

This DVD comes as a bumper pack of 3 episodes. The cartoon is a loosely-based story of adventure, the main purpose of which is to learn to count and recognise numbers and shapes.
Eddie enjoyed watching it and counting with Tad and Lily.

You meet little buddies Lily, Tad and Scout, and follow them on an undersea adventure in Numbers Ahoy.
"Tad and Lily need a little number sense to help them get through a complicated game. So their magical firefly friend, Edison, takes them on a fantastical journey under the sea! When a pirate mistakenly captures their cute puppy pal Scout, they must use their new understanding of counting, grouping and estimating to rescue him. Join them as they navigate the deep and face foes such as sharks, crab henchmen—even Pirate Pythagoras himself—and begin to see numbers in a whole new way!"

In Numberland Axle the magical car takes Scout and his buddies to Numberland "where the pets (thanks to the help of Max, a new friend) meet some very helpful numbers, and learn basic arithmetic along the way. In the meantime, the residents of Numberland team up to give Max a surprise birthday party"

Adventures in Shapesville Park is designed for preschoolers learning about shapes, measurements and dimensions while helping to complete the construction of a new playground.

Personally I found the music a "tad" annoying (it's not just the DVD, we have one of the Leapfrog books with Tad singing about animals, and more than once I felt like throwing it away, as I cannot stand the jolly music). Eddie didn't mind, if anything, he was quite happy to listen to the songs, and as he is the target audience for this DVD, it works (and if you are a long-suffering parent, buy the ear plugs).
As you can see from the photo, he loved counting the undersea creatures.

This DVD introduces the concept of number 0 as well, and tots learn some beginner math skills, for example, how to do an estimate.
It will work well as an educational tool. It is interactive, and I would advise watching it together with your child so that you can ask him questions along the way. But I can consume it only in small portions.

Released on DVD on 17 June 2013.


  1. Looks like a fun way to learn, thanks for the review.

  2. wow this would be fab for my little one