Monday, 24 June 2013

Courgette cakes

Green vegetables? Love them or hate them? I love my greens, but my hubby is known for pushing his salad leaves and green beans round the plate (I can just imagine him as a kid, doing exactly the same thing with a sulky face while his Mum told him off for not eating his vegetables). And while my younger son is a bit more adventurous with fruit and veg, Sasha is very difficult to convince what's good for him.
So, I'm always looking for ways of sneaking in some veg in their dishes.
When I saw the recipe for Little Italian Courgette cakes on Abel & Cole's website, I knew I had to try them.

I have followed the recipe closely enough, though skipped the salt and added zest of 1 orange as well. My guys love the breakfast mix from Holland & Barrett (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and pine nuts), so I have added a sprinkle of it on top of the courgette cakes.

They looked very pretty. Once I broke one of them to see what it looks like inside, I got worried that my guys would be suspicious of the grated courgette, as the green bits looked very green to me.
But No, they seemed to accept it without questioning and quickly polished off the cakes that I've offered to them.
A little miracle! Especially in Sasha's case, as due to his autism, he's very set in his ways on what he accepts to eat. He doesn't like trying anything new, and every time he does actually eat something new to him, I am ready to sing Hallelujah.

A total success! Yippee! I don't know if this is an authentic Italian recipe, or just the name of the dish.
If your kids are as difficult as mine food-wise, I can definitely recommend the courgette cakes, they taste lovely and are pretty easy to make (you can find the link to the recipe above).


  1. Definitely one to add to my list of recipes to try - I've tried carrot cakes but never courgette cakes :)

  2. I need to try these!! i love courgette and cake so bonus! Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x

  3. I'll need to remember this post for when our courgettes are ready. Not sure I'll be able to persuade Monkey to eat them, but in a cake ....

  4. These look absolutely fantastic! Another recipe to try!

  5. What a fab creative idea for veggies! @cricrinapoli1