Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Crazy about DGJ Organics' Wild'n'Crazy

A few weeks ago my lucky little man Eddie won a range of DGJ Organics' Wild'n'Crazy range. Eddie loves the bathtime, especially splashing for England bit, but not very keen to have his hair washed. He needs to be persuaded to do it, with "Don't you want to be nice and clean and smell lovely?" or "Eddie, monsters can build nests in your hair".

When the colourful bottles of shampoo from DGJ Organics arrived, I told Eddie it was a present from Mr Tumble's favourite brand (just look at the colours, they match Mr Tumble's spotty bag). Well, if it's good for Mr Tumble, it is good for Eddie as well.

The first impressions: we love the colourful bright bottles. Very appealing to young kids.
We have tried the whole range (not just Eddie, the whole family including Daddy) and this is what we thought:

Organic Wild'n'Crazy Kids Hair Juice/Detangle Shampoo with Banana & Berry extracts (yellow bottle)
First thing that you notice is the most delicious smell of ripe bananas, it is so tasty, you can almost eat it (not that we tried). Loved by all four of us. Left our hair soft and clean. And it does what it says - it is much easier to comb the hair afterwards due to the detangling action.

Organic Wild'n'Crazy Kids Hair Juice/Detangle Shampoo with Watermelon essential oils (green bottle) is a no tears shampoo which gently cleanses and detangles the hair. Again, the smell is absolutely wonderful, though I thought it was more melon-y rather than watermelon-y.

Organic Wild'n'Crazy Kids Swim shampoo & Body wash (blue bottle) with organic blueberry and coconut extracts is effective at neutralising the harmful affects of chlorine in swimming pool water and chloride in sea water. I confess we used it at home rather than in the swimming pool. We only just introduced Eddie to the pleasures of the local leasure centre, but its showers are not enticing to stay longer than a few seconds, it is way too cold to have a proper wash. Hopefully, once the weather is more clement, we could use this facility, until then after a quick dip in the shower, we have a proper wash once we get home, in the comfort of the warm bathroom. This shampoo has a mild smell of the coconut mixed with blueberries, a bit like a blueberry yogurt. Hair is left silky-smooth after its use, and the skin is feeling fresh.

Organic Wild'n'Crazy Kids Lice Repel shampoo with organic strawberry & lemon eucalyptus extracts (red bottle): now for such an unplasant task it is an ultra mild shampoo. It contains natural lice repellents. It is always better to use preventative measures rather than deal with the nasty creepy-crawlies (yep, been there a couple of times with our older son). Unlike the other lice treatments that we came across (which smell terribly and kind of announce to everyone in the vicinity: this person had a lice treatment), this shampoo smells lovely. Used it a few times for our older son who goes to school.

Organic Wild'n'Crazy Kids Hair Juice/Detangle Spray with watermelon essential oils (smaller size green bottle) is just right for kids like Eddie whose hair is very fine, and is often dreadlocky in the morning (he is a restless sleeper, like me, who moves a lot in bed, and his hair looks pretty tangled after the sleep). Use the spray straight on the hair, a very handy nozzle helps you to manage the stubborn knots.

The DGJ Promise: "All our products are made with plant derived natural ingredients enhanced with organic essential oils/extracts and contain no harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphates or parabens. These products may not foam as much as synthetic based products".

I remember reading on FB some irate parent complaining about the shampoos not foaming enough to his liking. True, you might get less foaming, but that didn't bother us. In fact, I think there is enough foam, as you can see from the photo below. The shampoos cleanse thoroughly and leave the scalp feeling refreshed and moisturised.

When Eddie saw this photo, he said: Eddie's crying. But actually it is the opposite, he was laughing his socks off when I took this photo.

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