Thursday, 10 January 2013

Crunchy Munchies: Jordans Super Berry Country Crisp

When it comes to a breakfast routine I am a "grab-a-cup-of-tea-and-a-toast" girl. I guess I am not very keen on cereals that go soggy and look like something my grandma used to prepare as a feed for pigs. So, it was with some hesitation that I decided to try Jordans Super Berry Country Crisp. Will it stand the test on sogginess? 

Each box of Jordans Super Berry Country Crisps contains golden baked oat clusters with freeze-dried blackcurrants, cranberries and blueberries. 
I have read the following information on the box with approval:
- no added salt
- high in fibre
- no artificial falvourings, colourings or preservatives
- non-GM

The cereal looks very appetizing and has a lovely delicate sweet smell. There is plenty of berries, as you can see from the image below. The oats come in pretty clusters as promised.

Now, the moment of truth: will it or won't it go soggy, when milk is added. I was pleased to discover that the clusters stayed crispy and crunchy. They had a pleasant almondy quality to them. The berries added a lovely zing and a slight tart note. Overall, a very nice taste and combination of flavours and nutty & crunchy textures. The cranberries give the cereal a Christmasy/seasonal appearance, but of course, you can have it all year round.

All in all, a very good cereal for breakfast or for after school munchies.
My guys actually prefer to eat cereals as snacks, dipping fingers in little bowls. Eddie drinks milk from a glass, Sasha doesn't drink milk. They both were happy to chomp on the oat clusters and dried berries.

And one more piece of information that I found impressive: "Jordans is the only cereal company which insists its farmers dedicate 10% of their land to create homes for British wildlife, like barn owls."

So, if like me, you try to avoid soggy cereals (we won't be naming names), then this is a cereal for you.


  1. It's my favourite too! Nice and crunchy.

  2. I like cereal crunchy as well, but then again I can manage to eat everything for breakfast ... also things that are not meant to be for breakfast ...

  3. Chris, I somehow imagine you eating gourmet breakfasts with fancy ingredients rather than a cereal. :)