Thursday, 10 November 2011

All the colours of Ella's Kitchen Rainbow

From an "omnivore" Eddie is slowly turning into someone who appreciates the finer points of food. To my amazement he learnt now to say No to some foods I offer to him, showing his independent spirit and his own judgement.
Ella's Kitchen has been with us from the start of the weaning process, offering new tastes and flavours to our little man. All Smoothie Fruits continue to be his firm favourites.
And I appreciate the fact that those little snacks are 100% organic.

"Our 100% organic fruit snacks are perfect to pop in lunchboxes, or to enjoy as a fun snack on the go. Kids love to shake, squeeze and slurp our yummy flavours. And they're a great way for kids to enjoy at least 1 of the 5 lovely pieces of recommended fruit + veg each day.

Inside me you'll f

  • NO added sugar, salt or water
  • NO additives or thickeners
  • NO E numbers or GM
  • NO gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose
  • NO lumps or bits and nothing artificial
  • JUST squished organic fruit for kids
  • Contains naturally occurring sugars"

We slurp it on the go. We master the technique of eating it without holding it, as the master Eddie showing it below, you need to lower yourself to the pouch which is standing on the table. Just keep your mouth wide open.

We love the Yellow One. We love the Orange One.

We love The Purple One.

And The Red One. And The Green One...

May we claim the official title of the no.1 fan of Ella's Kitchen smoothies?!
Now could we also suggest The Blue One (blueberry, blackberry and vanilla) and The Pink One (raspberry, strawberry and cream)?

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  1. I like the sound of 'The Blue One'; I can almost taste the blueberry, blackberry and vanilla as I write. Definately want my little grand-daughter, Alara to try these; I also love rainbows!