Friday, 29 December 2017

Top ten recipe posts of 2017

2017 was a difficult year for us as a family, with lots of ups and downs, actually more downs than ups. Blogging was less of a priority for me than before.

We're just back from a week of holidays in Italy. While it is wonderful to spend time with my in-laws, the holidays always turn out to be more work than rest, as for our elder son any break from the routine is bordering on a catastrophe. Every time we go abroad, I tell my husband that it was the last time we've travelled together, but somehow he managed to talk me into going to Italy again.

At the end of the year I usually look at the stats for my posts written through the year, to see which posts have been the most popular ones. Typically, my food and drink, book and toy reviews do quite well, with Mini Stretch Scooby toy review taking the laurels of the most popular non-food review post.
Writing a food-inspired blog, I'm curious to find out which of my recipe posts got the most interest.
And so here are my top ten most popular recipe posts of 2017:

No.10 Grilled courgette and Scamorza salad is a vegetarian recipe for cheese lovers. Since discovering the Italian smoked scamorza cheese earlier this year, I've been buying it quite regularly.

vegetarian salad, healthy meals

No.9 Oreo Cheesecake
I had to laugh, reading a thread on Mumsnet some time before Christmas, where many MN-ers were bashing the Oreo cookies, calling them the spawn of the devil. As you might know, we do love Oreos here. This Oreo cheesecake didn't last long.

bakes with Oreos, recipes with Oreos

No.8 - Strawberry Cake was the result of trying to do a spring clean in the kitchen, and getting rid of odds and ends, including half a box of cake mix and remains of a strawberry jam.
Strangely enough, it sneaked its way into top ten recipe posts.

cake mix recipes, delicious cake

No.7: Asparagus, kale & Dolcelatte pasta is a healthy vegetarian dinner. The recipe is very easy, and my mind boggles as to why it made it into top 10.

healthy vegetarian pasta recipe

No.6 Boiled Fruit Cake which is made with fruit soaked in strong tea. It is a twist on a classic boiled fruit cake recipe.

fruit cake, cake for tea, cakes made with tea

Ferrero Rocher brownie bites which are a very satisfying chocolatey treat.

best brownies

No.4 Banana oat cookies are quick and easy to make, and are lovely with tea of coffee.

what to do with an overripe banana

Getting to top three:

No.3 I give you Oreo Brownies, and very lush they were too. Eat your heart our, Oreo haters! :)

bakes with Oreos, best brownie recipe

No.2 Beef biltong stew for Mr Matekoni was inspired by the 17th book in the much loved series No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by A.McCall Smith. 

Mma Ramotswe's recipes, beef stew

And no.1 - Italian Meatballs with Mozzarella. This recipe is a proper comfort food, perfect for cold winter dinners.

comfort food, winter recipes

So, looking at the stats: the cakes win overall with 3 recipes, plus 2 brownie recipes reached the top ten. Clearly sweet recipes do not lose their popularity. From savoury: 2 vegetarian recipes and two recipes for meat eaters, now the latter was a big surprise for me.

Wishing you all a happy new year!
Thank you for reading my blog, hoping you will be back for more recipes and reviews in 2018!


  1. I'd happily eat all of those ! Looking forward to seeing what culinary delights you come up with this year xx

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I haven't baked for over a week, since we were in Italy, and can't wait baking again, once we've eaten all the panettones and stollen we got. :)