Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Disney Eye Found It! (Ravensburger hidden picture game)

Are you a family who loves playing board games on Christmas, taking it easy after a big lunch? Or is playing games together a more frequent occasion in your family?

I'm all in favour of board games, as they are great fun (and they distract everyone from being glued to iphones, ipads and other gadgety things).
If you are looking for a new board game for Christmas and want to get away from the usual suspects (Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble etc), Disney Eye Found It from Ravensburger will tick all the boxes.
This hidden picture game is suitable for the whole family (ages 4+) and could include up to 6 players.

Disney fans will find many of their favourite characters on a magical journey through 12 illustrated Disney realms, from Radiator Springs to Peter Pan's Never Land and Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood.

What do you find in the box?
1 giant game board which comes in several big pieces
6 playing pieces with stands
1 spinner
12 plastic rings
30 search cards
and an hourglass

First assemble your game board.
You will need a well lit area to play this game, as there are lots of small details which you might miss otherwise. It is probably easier to unfold the game on the floor, or on a big table (our coffee table, which we use for playing games is too short for the base plate).

Choose a playing piece - be a Mickey, Tigger or Elsa - and journey through Disney realms, searching for hidden treasures.

There are over 1,000 things to find (don't worry, not in one go).
The beauty of this game is that you have to work as a team. You don't compete against each other. You win, everyone wins, you lose, everyone loses.
Together with your fellow players you need to beat the clock before it reaches midnight. If it does, off you go to the start to begin your journey anew.

The youngest player begins the game.
Spin the spinner and follow the instructions. If you get numbers from 1 to 8, you simply advance forward along the road. If your spinner stops at Clock Tower 1, you move the hand of the clock tower one hour ahead. If you stop at Clock Tower 2, you move the hand of the clock tower two hours ahead.

Stopping on Mickey Mouse symbol means it's time to search. Turn over the top search card from the draw pile and show it to all the players.

Turn over the hourglass. All participants start searching for the treasure seen on the card.
Each time one of you finds the right image, put a ring over it.
Stop when the hourglass has run through. Count the rings and move forward the same amount of spaces.

You will also see the Mickey Mouse symbol along the blue road as you travel. If you land on the symbol square, start a new search.

The game finishes once all the players reached the castle before the clock strikes midnight.

This excellent board game will make a wonderful gift for Christmas for the whole family.
You can buy this game on amazon, in Toys'R'Us, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Argos etc.

Another brilliant Ravensburger game for Christmas or any other occasion is Labyrinth - we have two different sets - original and Despicable Me 3, and love both versions.

Disclosure: We received the game for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are our own.


  1. That looks and sounds like fantastic fun!
    We love Disney here. I think this might be going on the Christmas list x

    1. Hiya Kim! Lovely to hear from you! The game is great fun. We've been playing after school for several days. :)