Monday, 10 July 2017

Heroes and Villains: Witney carnival parade 2017

Witney carnival takes place in July, and every year a new theme is announced.
I remember watching the parade for the first time seven years ago, when I was heavily pregnant with Eddie who was due in a few days. My Mum came to stay with us for six weeks to help with Sasha and the new baby. We were shopping in town, when the parade started. It was a very cheerful and jolly affair, and I wiggled my big belly to the rhythm of the catchy music to the amusement and concern of my Mum, who had this vision of me going in labour in the middle of the parade.
Since then we always try to catch the big show in town, which starts on the Leys and moves through the town centre. The crowds are friendly, people come with young children, put the rugs along the streets and cheer the procession.
All the profits raised from the carnival go to the community and help local charities and organisations.
We love seeing all the floats - schools, marching bands, steam engines. This year's theme was Heroes and Villains.
Oxford Caledonian Pipes and Drums Band is usually leading the procession, just after the local beauty queen makes her entry and disperses kisses (see video above).

The popularity of Star Wars was reflected in several floats.

Star Wars

Star Wars

It's pretty cool to see Darth Vader walking through the centre of Witney.

The stormtroopers

Eddie's school picked 101 Dalmations as their theme, with the Head playing the part of Cruella de Vil.

I believe the next group was The Rotary Club of Witney who chair the Carnival Committee and organise the procession.

The Incredibles looked, well, incredible.

We were impressed by the young cheerleaders.

The Marvel Superheroes

The prize for the coolest float goes to the Batmobile without doubt.

And the prize for the best dance routine goes to Pirate Fitness. They always make us smile. Last year they were dressed up as prehistoric women in skins, carrying clubs. They are a real hoot.

It was not just superheroes, but community heroes as well - firefighters and police officers.

The majorettes in matching outfits

The colourful procession is only one part of the carnival. There were lots of food tents, trade and crafts stalls set up on The Leys, as well as activities planned including a gigantic bouncy castle, slides, donkey and mini train rides, music events, static displays, circus and much more.

Eddie begged me to let him have a go on the Flight simulator. The queue was enormous, and I nearly fainted there, in the middle of the field, as it was very hot.
Eddie was ecstatic though, and kept shouting "I'm flying! I'm flying", so it was all worth it.

We also spotted the Batmobile, but by the time we had a chance to come closer, Batman went on a loo break, so we couldn't have a photo taken together with the Batman. Eddie now wants us to have a Batmobile.
Who wouldn't want a Batmobile?!


  1. What a fab theme for a carnival parade - a great mixture of old and new too and I can see Eddie had an amazing time. Love the mental image of you bouncing your baby bump to the music !!

  2. What a great parade,everyone has made such an effort. Eddie looks so happy flying in the air!