Monday, 4 April 2011

Grumpy old woman's Mother's day

I never expected breakfast in bed or flowers as we don't really celebrate this day, but was hoping for at least a relatively quiet day. And my expectations were never realised. Feeling deflated and a bit downcast too.
Everyone on FB seems to have had a perfect Mother's day, while mine could have been genuinely described as a mf's day, to use a strongly expressive word. It's not just Sasha who was on his most challenging behaviour yesterday. Eddie was clingy and screaming each time I put him in his crib, but at least he had a good excuse, as he has two more teeth coming, one is pretty much out, and another just showing a tiny tip.
As for the oldest guy in the family, it would never cross his mind that it would have been nice to buy a card once in a lifetime. So all in all, a sad day amidst a shopping spree around with everyone buying flowers and cards and gifts for their mothers and partners.

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