Friday, 28 July 2017

New food discoveries

New food products appear on the shelves of supermarkets on a daily basis. It's impossible to try them all. Some are limited editions and are available only for a short time, some come to stay, some get discontinued after a while, perhaps due to a lack of demand.

Here are some of my food discoveries that merit a mention this month.

Taylors of Harrogate Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are Rainforest Alliance Certified. There are several flavours in the range, and we have tried two of them.
Beautiful design of packaging helps them to stand out on the shelf of nespresso coffee capsules.

Spice Kautaka India is a dark and intense coffee, "with fiery flashes of spice and smoke".

It promises: "This extra dark Indian espresso is seriously intense, smouldering with fragrant spice notes. It offers dusky dark chocolate flavour pierced by fiery flashed of peppercorn and clove, with a rich and smoky finish".
Very enjoyable coffee, it definitely is dark, rich and spicy.

Decaf coffee doesn't have to be boring - Taylors of Harrogate Praline Especial Brazil decaf is a scrumptious flavourful coffee, with a hint of hazelnut praline.

I love all things coconutty, and was glad to discover CoYo coconut milk yoghurts. It is a bit on the pricey side at £1.50, so it's more of a treat rather than a daily breakfast fodder, but oh boy, it's good.
I have tried two of three flavours: vanilla bean and salted caramel.
Vanilla Bean coconut milk yoghurt is lovely on its own, very smooth and moreish, with a delicious coconut and vanilla flavour. At 219kcal per 100g serving, it has 99% pure coconut and no added sugar. It is also vegan.

vegan yogurts

CoYo is available in all major supermarkets.

vegan yogurt

Waitrose has a splendid range of their own products.
Nonno Nanni is a classic Italian brand. My younger son loves its creamy spreadable cheese. Whenever we go to Italy, we bring back a couple of tubs of Nonno Nanni.
I was delighted to find Robiola Nonno Nanni in Waitrose 1 range. Big well done for bringing this delicious cream cheese to the British shores.
It is so smooth and light and simply melts in your mouth.

best Italian cheese in the UK

While Eddie loves to eat it spread on crackers, like Tuc, I love it simply on toasted bread.

Bio-tiful kefir has recently appeared in Sainsbury's, which is great news. I have already reviewed kefir from Bio-tiful Dairy Ltd (see post Cultured milk drinks from Bio-tiful Dairy), and could find it in the local health shop, but it's there quite sporadically, so not always available. Sainsbury's has bottles of both sizes.

fermented dairy products

I have tried many Polish brands of kefir which you can buy in Tesco or in the Polish delis, but in my opinion Bio-tiful kefir is of superior quality, it is creamy and smooth, and simply delicious.

fermented dairy products

Percy Pigs are a bit of a Marmite product. You are either a big fan, or complain of the "soapy taste" (see numerous debates on Mumsnet on the matter). We love Percy Pigs. They are squishy, sweet and juicy.
This month, our favourite piggy is celebrating its 25th anniversary.
To commemorate the event, M&S sell Percy Pigs in limited edition festive packs.
We enjoyed looking at the silly faces in Percy's Percynalities.

If you love Percy, have you seen the competition to create Percy's parents?
You don't even have to be an artist to draw them. Just describe Percy's parents in up to 250 words and enter by 1 September for the chance to see your characters come to (gummy) life on M&S shelves.
Email your entries to
(information taken from the newsletter, I don't have more details).

New Peanut, Cashew & Pecan Butter with a hint of sea salt spread could also be found in M&S. I love nuts, and this combination of nuts is right up my street.
It has a grainy texture and is not as easy to spread as peanut butter. I like the hint of sea salt, it balances well the sweetness of nuts. Overall, it is not a sweet spread.
It would be great for making savoury dish sauces, and is an excellent ingredient for cookies (see my recipe post for Peanut, cashew pecan oat cookies with chocolate chips).

And finally, two new flavours of Jacobs Mini Cheddars - Stilton and Red Leicester. We are big fans of Cheddars/Mini Cheddars, and have been for years. Two new flavours are a welcome addition to the Cheddars' family. They are both scrumptious, in fact, if I had to choose, I'd be really stumped, as I like them both.
Each small pack is 132kcal, which is very reasonable for a savoury snack.

Is there a new product which you have tried recently, and would be happy to recommend?

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  1. Most of my new foodie finds have been from Degustaboxes lately - we did get a bag of marshmallows covered in fizzy powder which the kids thought were fantastic in Brittany !