Thursday, 27 June 2013

Picnic times for teddy bears

"What do teddy bears drink on a picnic in the woods, Mama?"
I think they have hot tea with honey in flasks and also bottles of the elderflower cordial. What could represent the more typical example of a summer drink on a picnic than a glass of sparkling water with the cordial? You might have noticed a limited edition bottle of Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial in the shops. This well known and much loved brand has produced two new elegant designs for their elderflower cordial and sparkling presse.

The delicate sweet scent of the elderflower is so evocative of the British summer with its long evenings. The newly designed bottles of the cordial will add a touch of glamour to any picnic (weather permitting, of course, as the British summers could be a very elusive phenomenon, hot one day and pouring with rain the next one).
For an adult picnic why don't you mix some smashing cocktails: does an Elderflower G&T sound good? Mix the ingredients and enjoy.
If you are not keen on alcohol, make a super non-alcoholic cocktail from the elderflower cordial, apple juice and sparkling water, with lots of crushed mint leaves. Very refreshing and won't give you a hangover.
As for your teddy bears and other kids, they would love a drink of a cloudy lemonade with ice topped up with the elderflower cordial.
What do you like to eat on a picnic? Pies, potato salad, sandwiches? I always enjoy a good old tub of hummus with crudites, and plenty of crisps.
If you are a crisp lover, "Burts Chips, the artisan crisps with the big crunch, is proud to announce the launch of its latest and most adventurous tongue-tingling flavours ever!"
How can you stay indifferent, reading such a pitch?
What do you notice first? Very funky amusing packet design of an apron and hands on hips.
Go on, open the packets!

Red Pepper & Jalapeno flavour has been inspired by the traditional Mexican cuisine, and oh my, it does have a kick. Perfect for any picnic or as part nibbles. I can well imagine it pairs nicely with a mojito.
It is more of an adult flavour. I have offered the crisps to my guys to test, my older son licked the first crisp, made a funny face as he didn't expect it to be so hot, laughed at his own reaction and wanted some more. Eddie, a sensible young man, decided he didn't want them after watching his older brother.

If you prefer more traditional flavours, you can't go wrong with Sea Salt & Malted Vinegar. A British classic, great with dips, and quite addictive as a snack. It's good the packet is not too big (40g). You can also get it in a bigger size packet (150g).

And that's our teddy bears' picnic's sorted. What do you like to have on a picnic?

To find out more about Bottlegreen and Burts, visit Bottlegreendrinks and Burts Chips.

Disclosure: we received a bottle of Bottlegreen and packets of Burt's chips for the purposes of reviewing, all opinions are mine.


  1. What a fun and glorious picnic

  2. Mmmm I feel like a picnic now after reading this, with some yummy burts crisps, and a bottle of Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial.

  3. Great picnic - to me Elderflower tastes of summer!

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler