Monday, 10 June 2013

Daddy Pig, our hero

"Mama, should I jump in some mud?" is Eddie's phrase of the day, he keeps looking for some mud in the garden to jump in, but to his regret after a week of sunshine, we cannot find any mud or puddles. Eddie is a big fan of Peppa Pig & family. And who wouldn't be? 
To celebrate Father's Day Asda stores nationwide offer an exclusive Daddy Pig product range (from 3 June to 17 June 2013) which includes the most amusing Champion Pig DVD (£5) and My Daddy book (£5.99) - for kids, and a wide range of merchandise for Dads including Father's Day cards, gift wrap, cufflinks, ties, hankies, PJs, slippers, mugs and more.

And though I cannot quite imagine my husband attired in Daddy Pig pyjamas and slippers, he is more than happy to watch the DVD and read a book together with Eddie.

Daddy Pig is a star in the world of Peppa Pig. As you know, he's a bit of an expert on everything. He somehow reminds me of Brian Blessed in Blackadder, with his infectious uproarious laughter.
And he comes up with the most memorable quotes (maybe he can also have a book of his own quotes like Karl Lagerfeld, only with a much nicer personality).

I totally subscribe to his world outlook: 
"Ah! What a nice day for doing... nothing!" (which reminds me of another great philosopher, Winnie the Pooh).
"Thank goodness I don't have to exercise, I'm naturally fit!" or when his kids mention his big belly, he says "That's all pure muscle".

"Champion Daddy Pig" DVD features 10 fun-packed piggy tales:
Champion Daddy Pig
Secret Club
The New House
Horsey Twinkle Toes
Naughty Tortoise
Mr Fox's Shop
The Blackberry Bush
Mummy Rabbit's Bump

as well as an extra bonus episode "The Royal Fairy Picnic" (Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom).
This delightful DVD will keep your little ones glued to the screen and will make them jump along with Daddy Pig and Peppa.

Eddie is always excited when he spots his favourite little piggy in the bookshops, toy shops or clothes. He and Peppa share the same cheeky smile and mischievous personality. 

"My Daddy" picture book shows our favourite characters, as Peppa lists all the things she loves about her Daddy.
This amusing book will make you smile (and maybe nod as well if you recognise your partner in it). You will go aww when Peppa says "My Daddy reads about very important matters... But I know that bedtime stories are his favourites" and won't be able to suppress a giggle when Peppa says: "My Daddy says he likes to keep in shape ALL of the time... But his favourite exercise is lifting the remote control" (Does it sound familiar?)

Daddy Pig DVD and My Daddy book are a lovely present for your little piglets to share with their Daddy Pigs.

P.S. We received the DVD and book for the purposes of reviewing, all opinions are Eddie's and mine. 


  1. My grandson loves Peppa Pig and Family too. Some lovely things there and I'm sure there are quite a few Daddys whose only exercise is to lift the remote control!

  2. My little girl loves peppa pig, apart from the theme tune which we have to skip!

  3. With you on the theme tune, Amanda, it drives me nuts. The other night I could not sleep, and the jolly muzac kept bothering my tired mind. :)
    Janice, I bet there are plenty of Daddies exercising with the remote control