Wednesday, 27 March 2013

McCain Home Chips challenge

I've been following in the footsteps of Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews blog and taking part in McCain Home Chips challenge. Cheryl and I are always up to any cooking/culinary challenge, and it is fun to see which ideas she comes up with.

I am not surprised that the simple combination of soft, fluffy potato and crispy coating makes McCain Home Chips a taste sensation – and now the latest data shows they are the chip of choice for us Brits – infact we eat 3.5 billion of them every year, so many that if you lined them up end-to-end they would stretch to the moon and back four times!
I usually buy the McCain French Fries, as this is what my guys love the most, so I was curious to try the Home Chips and compare.

What did the Home Chips challenge involve?
The brief was simple:
"Take the Home Chips challenge!
Now McCain is challenging you to put Home Chips to the test in three quick steps:
1. Contact us for samples and wait for the bag of potato goodness to arrive at the address of your choice.
2. Get cooking! (Don’t forget to use your favourite condiments and accompaniments.)
3. Tell us what you thought – and feel free to pass the challenge onto colleagues, friends or family.
We hope it will be fun foodie challenge for you and your family to take part in and also make an interesting blog post for the readers of your blog"
I know I am suggesting the most obvious combination here, but chips and fish are a perfect match, so that is exactly what I cooked. I am not very keen on the fish in batter and have chosen to cook the trout in parchment paper or en papillote. You simply make a parcel from the parchment paper, add a few pieces of your preferred veg, a sliced carrot or fennel and herbs, add fish, close the pocket and the fish will be cooked in steam in it sown liquid. A healthy and tasty way of cooking the fish.
What about the McCain Home Chips? Did they stand the test? They were soft and fluffy inside as promised, with the crispy outside. As chips go, they are probably perfect.
My guys were happy to eat them, though Eddie said he loves Smiley Faces and French fries more. I think Sasha's choice would be French fries as well.
My favourite condiment to serve with the chips is not mayo or ketchup, but a bottle of runny mustard. It reminds me of the eateries I loved visiting when we lived in the States. And of course, I love pickles.

To read what Cheryl cooked with her bag of chips, visit her post The McCain Home Chips Challenge.

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  1. Love your posh and healthy take on fish and chips ! xx