Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A boy on a Teeter Gym Ball

I'm bouncing in the air,
I'm Tigger, not a boy!
Mum grumbles, I don't care,
For me it's a pure joy!

I'm jumping in the air,
Wanna join me, little brother?
I'm perfectly aware,
You will be stopped by mother.

I'm leaping in the air,
My world's a somersault,
And I don't know where
And how I will halt.

Sasha is always bouncing, if anything, he is a human Tigger. He has so much energy and he is always on the move. When the occupational therapist first brought a bouncing ball for Sasha to try, he immediately got on it, and since then this ball has become a familiar feature in our house. We had to return the ball to the therapist and the one we use now is bought from amazon.
A Teeter Gym Ball is 65cm in diameter and comes with a pump (the pump was a devil to use, we had to use a bicycle pump instead)
Sasha has a very good balance, as mentioned many times by his horse-riding teacher.
He is very graceful, and whenever he is bouncing on his favourite ball, he reminds me of Picasso's painting "Girl on a ball".


  1. Great to hear Sasha is enjoying himself and using up some of that extra energy.
    Brilliant poem xx

  2. Haha that's great! Gym balls are the best for stability exercises! Hope you have been enjoying it.

  3. Fantastic poem! Gym ball provides excellent stability for the total body. Very nice to see the tiny teeter with the boy.

    1. Thank you Jessi! It's fab for exercise