Thursday, 10 March 2011

I love you right up to the moon and back

Guess how much I love you is one of my favourite stories. I am not ashamed to say that almost every time I read the end of this story to Sasha, my voice slightly trembles, as I find it so touching. The Book Depository runs a competition called All you've got to do is do a doodle. They ask you to print off a colouring sheet and create your own version of a doodle. The little brown nut hare in the corner is spreading his arms for you to be creative. I knew I had half an hour at the most to do something before Eddie gets seriously upset in his crib, so it is a very quick effort. I haven't done any drawing or painting for almost a year, so my hands felt clumsy with the watercolour pencils. I used Sasha and Eddie's photo as my inspiration. Added a big hare, and thought I would combine two images by Eddie catching hare's ears.
It is not the best drawing I ever made, but at least something a bit more creative than wiping baby's bum and reading Elmer stories in a silly voice.

If you go to anc click on the flikr gallery, there are some lovely doodles there.
In a typical fashion, my link doesn't want to be a clickable link.


  1. Well I recognised it straight away as Eddie and Sasha even before I read what you'd written Galina. It's so clever. I never realised you were so talented at drawing. It's lovely.

  2. That's fabulous Galina, you should find a few more half an hours to draw. x

  3. This is wonderful Galina. You are so talented.